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Are you a contributing author to How to Fix Absolutely Anything by Instructables? Answered

Are you a contributing author to: How to Fix Absolutely Anything”? I am a contributing author to the book “How to Fix Absolutely Everything, A Homeowner’s Guide” by Instructables. It is a book on home repairs sold at Amazon my article in it is on Oven Element Repair. I have an author’s page at Amazon and I was able to add “How to Fix Absolutely Anything: A Homeowner’s Guide by Instructables.com” to my authors credits as a contributing author.


If you are a contributing author to the Instructables book and you have an author’s page just ask for it to be added. If you do not have an author’s page, go to this sight and create one and ask for How to Fix Absolutely Anything: A Homeowner’s Guide by Instructables.com and Nicole Smith to be added to your author’s profile so you can get the credit as a contributing author.




Thanks!!! I wrote the Fix Your Couch Instructable. I didn't know I could do this on Amazon!

How did you get through the author central setup? Do you have to contact support?

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

Just click on the Author Central link above then click on Join Now and follow the steps. I was an Amazon customer and at one point it did ask me to log in as an Amazon customer.

Thanks. I just used the contact form, told them which book I contributed on and a C.S. rep just did everything. They may have changed their system because you have to have a separate author central account now (your vanilla Amazon account won't log you in until you get set up.

It was different for me I already had an Authors page for my books Melodious Verse and Tails of a Gay Incubus, so I just did add a book.

Its cool you can track sales and your Authors rating. I found out from a different sight and I have three books counting the Instructables book on Amazon.