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Are you a member of DIY.org? Answered

Are you, or your child(ren), a member of DIY.org?

If so, what do you think of it?
  • Is it much of a community? 
  • How many badges have you earned? 
  • How many projects did you do to earn a badge?
  • What do you think of the range of badges?

Any other comments?

Do you know of any similar sites?


It'll be nice if they allowed adults and worked with openbadges.org

I was asked to stop using the site because I'm an adult and my projects were too good. Yet they featured most that I submitted.

Haha, I've shared a few emails with them now - you can join as an adult if a child of yours has joined, but the child has to post the projects, not the parent.

They are planning on making it usable for teachers, though.

So I'm being penalized for not having offspring? I hope that business model works out for them.

So I'm being penalized for not having offspring?

Someone near me offers behaviour training for dogs. Am I being penalised for not owning a dog?
No. I'm just not the intended customer of a service that's being offered. That's all.

Since that was their intent all along, I guess it does.

I guess it doesn't stop you borrowing a friend's child to join? There's precedent for mentoring young Makers, after all.

I was asked to stop using this site because I'm an adult and my projects were too good. Yet they featured most that I submitted.

It looks "safe & spam-proof", the bit of content I poked looked OK and the recommended app' is free.
Looks a bit "early" though.


It's more the format I'm considering, along with Caiylinsdad's suggestion of Adafruit's patches.

I disagree with tokenism, the achievement is the reward. If it's Scout-badges, you at least have something tangible which enhances the uniform, internet-gongs are intrinsically worthless. I do understand that exam-grades are an important part of your life.


You can't argue with this... What's not to like?


We get those upon achieving 10th level Maker at our Church of Kitemantology.

I'd chortle, but you know me and churches...

You need to attend chortle practice more often, Sundays bright and early.

Haha, "bright and early" rarely features on a Sunday, chez Kite.

Ah, now a missing piece of information is that my colleague in the textiles department has a programmable embroidery machine, so I should be able to award actual patches.

Although, as I type, I wonder if laser-cut tags for a key-ring might be more use, since they cannot sew patches to their uniforms, but they can put key-rings on their locker-keys...

I think by poking around that site, I came upon an excellent story about a very neat, cool 9 year old boy, who started his own business called "Caine's Arcade." There is a flash-mob seguay (Look up on youtube) to the story, and then another link, which I have posted http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_b9zVK0pi7Y

haven't heard of it. I am an Instructables groupie

It's an interesting concept; "hacker scouts".

You make stuff, and earn badges, but only if you're a kid. I'm thinking of using the format at school.