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Are you allowed to copy contents Answered

Hi, I just glanced through the Terms and Conditions and I am trying to understand if people are allowed to copy authors contents on this site, to published on places like my blog. Or do you need a written consent from Instructables. Thank you


It's always nice to know when your content is being used elsewhere, but often, there's no need to ask. Check to see what license it was published under, and click the license for an explanation of what's required to use the content. As long as you're following the rules of the license, you're good to go.

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wold630 is right - to be sure contact the author and get his/her/their consent.

But your question is a quite good one.

What happens, when you publish something on the instructables web site?

- Do you transfer all/some/no rights to Autodesk Inc.?

- Is the content under a certain license like CreativeCommons BY-ND-NC?

- Does Autodesk Inc. have more rights like using the posted content for other business purposes than instructables.com?

I tried to find some information but found none. Would be nice if someone from instructables/Autodesk Inc. could fill in the blanks / point us to the URL.

Oh, and by the way, if you kind of give up any rights on the content by posting it on instructables (by transfering it to Autodesk Inc.), wold630's answer is not correct any more. You would have to ask Autodesk Inc for permission.

The Terms of Service document is linked at the bottom center of any page. The answers to your questions are in sections 3, 7 and 12.

But in a nutshell: Authors retain all ownership of the content they share.

Thanks for the quick response.

I looked at the Terms of Service page but got globbered over the head with that wall of text.Yeah, I know that's what happens when the legal bean counters go on an make the 'be nice' policy more 'precise'...

So yes, wold630 is right - contact the author(s) as the rights (and duties) remain with them.

It is very easy to contact authors on Instructables by sending a private message in order to gain permission to use something (text, photos, videos, etc.) that is not your own.