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Are you involved in any other online communities? Answered

I'm just sort of curious about this one. I want to stalk all of you! (Kidding. Maybe.) I've been on IGN.com, specifically the IGN boards for almost 7 years, though the last few I've stopped posting as much since I stopped modding. I also participate on alternet.org occasionally. I joined chow.com yesterday because it looked neat. I'm also on myspace because it's an easy way to keep up with my family. Oh, and I was an avid Stumbler for over a year! I think this has become my primary online community now, though. Mostly because I feel like I can come and go as I please and still be able to catch up. :D


Lush longboard forums (lots of good stuff on fibreglassing and bending plywood in the board building section).Gardeners world, Practical fishkeeping. I end up on websites allot when I'm just starting out a hobby and then get bored when *I know my stuff. I keep coming back here though.

*When say "know my stuff" I mean I know how to do something safely enough not to be endangering others safety and then being able to do it spectacularly badly and then later only tell people the spectacular bit.

I'm a halfbaker and I use my gaming clan forums.

Oh and I forgot, I dabble in YTMND sometimes and a little youtubing.

I like NEDM, but the story behind it always makes me sad. :(

Yeah I was sickened the first time I read about it. Good excuse to post pictures of the worlds best animal though! :-)

Thats like asking what Burning Man is. Best I can do is send you here.

You'll not like the story, but the results are awesome :P

Newgrounds, Youtube, XBOX Live, Deviant Art, Flickr... Anything else? I don't think so...

Myspace and facebook. And I'm on a bunch of forums Oh, and paltalk

Most recently, I have joined with the Mythbuster's forum, one for Ethical Hackers, and a few more from the Discovery site I can't remember off hand. I join and never have the time to return although II have been to the Mythbusters one a few times (I am 3LAM, which is 3LAN mistyped and unable to be changed grrr).

I'm part of the Mythbusters forum too. I just haven't gone there for around a year now. I enjoyed it, I just kept forgetting about it.

Yeah, I have one forum I have been visiting mostly, since I marked it for "replies"....and I keep getting them :-) On the Cure for the burn for hot peppers episode. Some people got a bit "upset" about their "cure" that works so well. I was a bit put off that the most logical "cure" was not tested: Capsicum being an alkaline, one would think that some acids would neutralize it, and vinegar does a fairly good job (rather then drink vinegar, one could eat pickles :-)

I have never thought about eating pickles to get my mouth to stop burning. I typically hung out in the ideas for episodes forum.

I don't normally need "cures" myself. I like my hot peppers, but every once and awhile, I will get a little TOO much of Dave's Insanity Sauce on something, and Whoooie. :-) It has 357000 Scoville Units of heat per DROP. One drop per pint of salsa is good enough for me. Some would rather only have one drop per quart.


10 years ago

Jessy, I was a stumbler too but then I quit drinking. LOL


10 years ago

I found this website thru Worldstart.com,I also like to hang out at care2.com

Im in the Psychos Online Gaming Socitey or POGS for short. HEHEHEHHEHE I just stapled my trousers to a can of Pringles!!! Now I'll eat them whilst running on the edge of a cliff!


10 years ago

Dumpsterworld occasionally. Readymade forums sometimes. Myspace a bit.


10 years ago

What makes a "community"? I'm on a couple of mailing lists that might qualify, even thought they're "just" mailing lists. And conversely I've been rather disappointed with the actual amount of "community" in technical areas on supposedly ground-breaking "online communities" like Orkut, tribes, or facebook. Seems they're more for just "social networking", which I don't do very well, while the mailing lists (and instructables, to some extent) have more of a unifying "focus." My daughter (13) is into gaiaonline (which replaced neopets), as sorta "game oriented" preteen to younger-teen communities.

Really, I think a community is anywhere people get together and talk and perhaps get to know one another. Though I feel like it's getting rarer and rarer to actually become good friends with people online because most communities are so large and full of spam. :( I think we have a pretty set group of regulars here, which is nice.

I think we have a pretty set group of regulars here, which is nice

Hmm, I am a bit irregular...is that ok ? ;-)

Perhaps you should eat more fiber, then. :D Nerdy health jokes aside, I don't think any of the regulars are "normal", haha.

Irregularity in my case means "rough around the edges". Most of what I know was picked up in reading "after" I exited "formal school" (over 30 years ago). But being curious about everything can be exhausting and time consuming, at times.

You're relatively new, but if you keep on the track you're going, you'll be a regular :D Jessy, I've seen you around way back when, but good to see you posting a lot more, I hear laughing is good fiber replacement!

Yeah, I just hope I don't go and ruin it for myself. On some subjects I can get a bit pig headed about. So far, you all have been very helpful though, despite my green horns. ;-)

Eh, don't worry. Its in your name, right? (Good-heart? Sorry, I'm tired. puns are my only jokes at the moment :P)

You use that grammar thing, and you're constructive. Two great quality, from my observations.

> You use that grammar thing . ROFLMMFAO!!! . Sorry, but _I_ thought that was hilarious.

Hmm, yes I wondered about that too. I use a couple of spell checkers, because I spell so poorly and type even worse *lol*

. Nothing to do with you. A little while ago somebody corrected one of "the regulars" and the correction was full of misspellings, bad grammar, no punctuation, &c;, &c.; He received quite a thrashing before he gave up.

Sounds like a few characters I know of....I have a brother like that LOL Well anyways, after using a "keypunch" machine for a number of years, I became pretty careful. Good ole punch cards. Of course, that was better then the analog computers....sigh Ok, I am back from the past now LOL

. Dang, dude! You're as old as I am! Ever trip with a arm-load of Hollerith cards? Funny now, but a big PITA at the time.

:-) Arm load ? Ever knock over a cart that had several "drawers" of cards on it ? And the "sorter" was somewhat helpful, but not foolproof; fast but not always accurate. Sometimes it was just as well to throw them through at least 3 times (data cards only of course). Now, if it was a big program deck, yes, I have done that too. Kind of irritated me that I finally learned to read JCL, and along come the AS/400 and we no longer have the "control" we had in the past....grrrrr. But I do not miss cards nor "reel" tape drives.

When I was a kid, my cousin worked for Wang. He brought home what was essentially a humongous programmable calculator (before such things existed). '67 or so....

This thing was a keybd console with 8 or 10 nixie tubes, and was certainly not battery operated. But what I thought was cool was the external punch card reader. And he let me play with it!

Thanks for memory jog.

I remember seeing an ad on the tv for some of the first calculators, that could add, subtract, multiply & divide ! and you could carry it with you ! and it cost around $100 or $200 ! *lol* Now you get a scientific calc for under $30.

I fixed a few vacuum tube devices in my day too, but I haven't a lot of skill in that area. I do remember going down to the "store" and taking the tubes to the tv with us to test them on the "machine" there, and replacing the bad ones so the tv would work again ... sigh

Yeah, I had one of those LED calculators in the mid-70s. A gift, it definitely cost my parents more than $100! (and did very little.)

It's cool that vacuum tubes are making a comeback for analog devices.

As for the late, great Wang Industries, we took a tour around that time. What I recall most is the magnetic core memory matrix. We took home a little bag with rejected core donuts.

(image courtesy of the PCmuseum )


Cool! I had, at one time, been subscribed to "Electronics Now" (I think they merged with another magazine; Popular Electronics from the same company), anyway, every April they had one "April fool's" project (something that would #1: either work, but be useless, or #2: was a total impossibility (like the watch, graphite, clay nuclear reactor on another thread). The year I remember most clearly was when they used a common tube to construct a computer memory; that could handle a whopping ONE BIT. LOL And sure, it worked, but...... ;-)

I see you've worked with dinosaurs. There are a couple dinosaur tamers here that I know of, namely nachomahma and westfw.. There are also a bunch of ice agers, and a bunch of mosquito larvae.. Just make lots of intelligent sounding comments, and you'll be a forum regular.. :)

Aye, I have a few of the capacitors from one of the HDs (the ones that looked like a top load washing machine) I forget the model number of the HD, but the main frame was an IBM 4381, and we had about 12 of the HD "towers"; those hard drives that were housed in a small shed, and took 4 people to lift the platter container out to replace. In those days, they used real gold for many of the boards :-) The capacitor is one of the smaller ones, only about the size of a "large soup can" but twice as tall. I kept it for memory's sake, but may use it one day ;-) .

Yeah, an old moniker I used way back when Chat-Planet was king ( pre-2000 java chat). It kind of stuck and is easy to remember (although Paranoid Pete might be more accurate ;-) ). I remember using "GrammaTik" , and (groan, giving away my age again) WordStar (I just loved dot commands....NOT !), And used a cartridge type IBM Selectric typewriter...thankfully THOSE days are over....LOL

I agree. I remember about a year ago, when there were like 5 regulars who all posted on every instructable, in a good way (French Crawler, where did you go!?)

I wonder how it was like even before that. I assume it was boring when it was just staff (Okay, judging by the instructables staff, maybe not), but I bet people shared comments in-person more than on the site.

A while back, I started a forum with a "government". I did this for multiple reasons, mainly an experiment. It failed because since there was no "topic", no one would randomly find it on google or something. I tried to do this thing I called "provences", where I basically let other forums become a section on the site, but they didn't like the idea that they could be out-voted. (The whole thing was a representative democracy at heart, and I can't have 20 admins :P)

Enough of my rambling!
*insert ible inside joke here*

Just my thoughts.... hope they made sense, I didn't proofread them :P

I remember about a year ago, when there were like 5 regulars who all posted on every instructable
And theres probably one new ible every 2 days :)

Back to the question:
I'm in TechRepublic, and I Stumble.

But I spend more time on instructables than the rest..I like the folks here..

Yes, I am a member of TechRepublic too, in fact I asked a question in here (started a thread actually) about the Pleo robot feature there recently.