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Are you smarter than your elected officials? Answered

A new study found that after giving the ISI civil literacy quiz to over 2000 people, those who held some form of office scored lower on average than those who didn't!

Bear in mind it was close, and both were poor: 44% to 49%, yet it's kind of scary to think about!
You can take the quiz yourself, and see how well you do. I got a 64%, which isn't great, but I'm apparently in the top 85% of the random sample!

I'm curious how some non-Americans will fare. Please don't be embarrassed to post your score, we won't mock you too much...

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66- I'm smarter than one official, but he's gone in February!

Now that's just mean....  I mean, he seems like a nice guy, except for the blatant prejudice against others, and his complete and utter ignorance in a large majority of key issues.  But aren't all presidents?

I'm just making "smart alec" assumptions on what Hollywood/the media have done with his character on shows.

Are you being sarcastic?

Yes, I know. I wasn't the one who said it, though. Who do you think he's implying?
I think Bush did a some good things as well, but they are over looked by not so good things. Everybody seems to hate Bush after his term (even those hypocrites who elected him), and shows like SNL always portray him in their skits.

just 'cause I got a good score ,  don't mean I want any dam thing to do with bein' in goverment !

Which some would say makes me uniquely qualified to do a goo d job !!

Almost definitely.  The ones who want power the most, are the ones who abuse it most, once they get it.

I prefer to take directions only from those who have nothing to gain (individually) by giving those directions.

Unfortunatly ,  I think your reply applys to cops as well !  I mean ,  is there anyone who has not bumped in to one of those self important ,  self obsessed  ,  overconfident , bullys in uniform that put th' rest in a bad light

21.21%. Don't look at me like that, I'm Indonesian. Plus I know jack schnit about my own country's government, getting 21.21% in a test made for Americans is pretty dang impressive to me.

I'm only in Junior High, but I still got 66.67% on the quiz.  About half of this stuff was stuff that I never learned in school.

Lol, I only got 54%. And I took American History last year in school. :-P



(Not American) 58%, needless to say the ones I got wrong were specifically American history.


Bwa ha 77.7 percent, and I hate government.

Pretty good,  and the fact that you hate government should be good for at least 20 bonus points!

Not government in general, government the class (heh heh, should've made that more apparent).

I'm a physics and calc kid.

Oh man!  I thought I'd found a genuine anarchist, or at least a fellow libertarian!

 i am in australia and i am 12 i got 42.42%
PRETTY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

58%...but I haven't had American History, General Constitution, or Constitutional Law yet...I'll try this again in a few years when I've studied those things.

You answered 29 out of 33 correctly — 87.88 %

>_< I got 66%, but when i reviewed them, i realized i read the questions wrong... which is weird cuz im usually good at quizes....

Yay! You and me both! I guess we are equally smart (ignorant).

I'da done better if it werent for some tricky worded questions


9 years ago

I got %37.Pretty good,considering I am not American.

First off, I am going to say that the test was poorly constructed. Odd wording answers that were to similiar or misleading. Also, to answer correctly I had to put what would make the country look the best, not answer truthfully.
24-33= 72.73%

You answered 25 out of 33 correctly — 75.76 %

Average score for this quiz during November: 77.8%
Average score: 77.8%

Although I must admit to several guesses, not being American.

42% odds... Eh I'm not too bothered by that, the whole quiz felt shabby though, poorly worded in many spots and such...


9 years ago


33.33 %

You answered 32 out of 33 correctly — 96.97 %

Missed #33 (zero deficit is not zero debt, which I should have gotten :-( ). However, I am an American citizen, and a product of the American public schools, so I'm supposed to know all this stuff.

I re-read #33, and yeah D. is correct, but it still feels poorly worded.

You answered 28 out of 33 correctly — 84.85 %

You answered 28 out of 33 correctly — 84.85 % : ME TOO! Got 4,8,10, 28, and 29 wrong I'm pretty happy, especially considering how little I liked any of that stuff in school.

. The only one I can remember that I got wrong was the "of the ppl, for the ppl, ..." one. One of those whap yourself on the forehead moments. . . I feel pretty good about my score, too. It's been over one score and five years since I took a gov/civ/hist class and I wasn't a big fan.

Yep, I missed the "of the ppl" one too. It's been over one score and two years since I've had one of those gov/civ courses. I did have a History class about a decade ago (in college), but it was a non-majors course (pityful).

I got 87.88%. I'm still not sure I agree with #33!

You answered 24 out of 33 correctly — 72.73 %