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Area recognition.? Answered

Hi all!

I want to make a automatic lawn mower. I was thinking about useing a kinect or a webcam for area recognition... Is this possible, what program should i use if there is any?



Hi Kjetil,

Your still working on this project ?




No, I've put the project on ice, but I still want to make this so this is a project that I'm not done with :) Have you made one?

Hi Kjetill,

I found a site for home build robot (based on arduino) only not with camera: http://wiki.ardumower.de/index.php?title=Hauptseite



Anything you write for a kinect is gonna be from scratch.

There are a lot of projects to make simpler ai for robots - that's a search.

Lots of people (read: commercial products) use an inductive sensor and a buried wire carrying a high frequency signal to tell the mower the perimeter of the yard.
It's generally unsafe to run things that can chop people in half autonomously without lots of safeguards.

Thanks, i am on it right now :)

And i was thinking about having a gyro sensor that shut down the blades if it gets lifted off the ground.

That's much of the challenge also... to learn the mower to shut down if anything out the ordinary happens...

But i have alot of time to use on this, so there will be alot of reading, trying, failing, and probably i will end up whit a remote controlled mower since i can't program it ;-)

No doubt! Mabe I should make it radio controlled first, then try to make it automatic after I'm bored useing the radio controller :P

By the way, manymany years ago Popular Mechanics suggested putting a stake (deep) in the lawn, tying a rope to it, tying the other end of the rope to the front corner of a self-propelled mower --- then letting the mower spiral in as the string got wrapped around the stake. As long as the rope doesn't break...

Y'know, mowing a lawn isn't all that much work unless you have far too much lawn. In which case you either get a riding mower or think about covering part of it with other kinds of landscaping.

Yeah, the Donald Duck method :P But the thing is that i want to see if i can do this. And looking for a good way to do it. Thats why i want to use a camera... If possible, the camera could have a recognition for animals and humans, and offcourse a sensor to stop the mower if it gets lifted off the ground.

After what i have read, the automatic mowers allready in store uses gps, and what one other here said, a cable that you dig down in the ground. But we still fall back on the challenge bit :p

The rope method also works well for vibratory plate compactors, like when you're packing a sand or pea gravel bed to set pavers on (i.e. for a patio).

Never thought of that application, but it makes sense -- arguably more sense than for a mower. Thanks.

Given that a lawnmower is potentially dangerous, you may want to think twice about this project.

Whoops, there goes the cat. Also the frizibe, the sandals your kids left out. Its always fun to play "what was that" when you look at random pieces of leftovers.