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Aren't children strange? Answered

Today is Children in Need day in the UK. Non-uniform day at school (I went dressed as Indiana Jones), and fun activities in the afternoon.

I got my Van der Graff generator out for a play, and found kids queuing up so that they could pay to be hit with thousands of volts. They knew it hurt, but they still queued. Some came back for more.

Kids, eh?

(Oh, and I let off a Party Popper behind the Head of Year 8 whilst he was trying to do a cool and suave impression of James Bond. That was funny!)



9 years ago

No,we are not strange.Period.

I'm a kid,so I have experience with my own kind :P

Did you see the date this thread was posted? ;-)

heck its cool and does not obliterate ya so why not

"(Oh, and I let off a Party Popper behind the Head of Year 8 whilst he was trying to do a cool and suave impression of James Bond. That was funny!)" I hereby declare you to be Biblically Epic.

Also, Kiteman: To add to your Epic: Your orangeboard is now blocked by the filter at my college. It says "Porn Detected" GOOD GOD MAN, WHAT INSTRUCTABLES HAVE YOU BEEN POSTING?

The word "naked" is there, as in "Naked Scientists podcast". It's a link as well - maybe the combination of the word and it being a link triggered your filters. There's no problem with it getting through the filters at my middle school, but maybe now your filters won't let your read this thread!

Do you want to know what the hilarious thing is? I clicked the "post comment button" and the porn detected screen came up. No lie.


10 years ago

Yes, I am. ;-)

I also find it intriguing how you continue to spell Van de Graaff wrong....

LOL, when I'm writing for myself I always write "VdG", and the kids call it the killer sparky thing.

Someday I'll make my own...

I made a 4 inch high one once. It wasn't massively effective, as could be guessed :D

Spelling something the same way over and over again becomes a knee-jerk reaction.....like a facial tic LOL

Van D Graaff..Its a great name. It would not be half as cool if he was jack smith..Of course translation makes things weird Guessepi Verdis name translated id Joe Green lol

I don't know, Bill Cosby gave some pretty convincing evidence that children have brain damage LOL

Children arn't strange, I know because I am one! Then again someone brought in a shocky pen and my friend was holding onto it for like a minute just laughing. We could see his hand shacking due to the voltage, but then again he is but a child, LOL.

Very strange indeed. I don't understand them. Nor do I understand clouds.

With children, I guess you end up with bragging rights then. "I had 1,000 v. run through me :-) but with so many there, maybe it was the opposite (you're not going ? CHICKEN !). *shrug*

Not just kids... I'd totally jump, cut and shove my way to the front of that line :P Okay, maybe not the cutting and shoving - but I'd totally do it :) It's especially fun to put a long haired wig on top too :)