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Art Contest: 4/13/11 Answered

These are the results of the art contest. Sorry I posted this a little early. I don't have any time tomorrow becuase I have to finish a lot of homework, projects, and study for tests. So here they are:

1) Jewelry I have made - happyjo

2) Origami Sun - Inverted_Spectrum

3)How to Make a Wayfinder Keychain - username252

4) Free Fun: How to Reach for the Stars and get Free Christmas Fun - craftyv

5) Duck Stamp Pictures - happyjo

6) Clay Man - nfk11

7) How Color can Improve Your Moods - craftyv

8) My maneating Clay Monster - nfk11

9) My Knex Target - nfk11

10) Carl the Lumpy Red Blob - nfk11

Results for the contestants:

1) happyjo

2) Inverted_Spectrum

3) username252

4) craftyv

5) nfk11

Want your name posted here for great art? Well, just click there-> http://www.instuctables.com/group/artcontest/
Hope to see you there!



7 years ago

dude you spelled ibles wrong.you spelled it without the R

OK, I really don't know what your telling me. I will subscribe the winners and post a forum that says who won. I can't hand out patches or do anything more. I can end this whole thing if you want.

:D Yayness!

Yeah! I kind thought your jewelry was kind of neat. :D

Your Welcome! BTW I sent an e-mail to you. If it didn't show up then it pretty much says that I'm going to another meeting and I'll be back at 9:00 (8:00). I know it's like another meeting! Are you going to meetings everyday? So See ya. :D

Yeppers! I got the email! And no, I really never go to meetings!

Hmm....that's weird. I clicked link and then typed in what I typed in. BTW if you keep an atitude like that then may be I'll just keep all prizes you earn and never give them to you. There is another contest in TWO weeks. May be you can do a lot better there.

What? I don't get what your trying to say. If this helps: the point is that you enter youi instructable to be judged so that it gets posted here. Sorry if the link doesn't work. I don't know what happened. I have a slow internet so may be that's why the link is screwy.