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Art room wars in Grade 8 Answered

I shall enlighten you all with a story from my early youth (last year). I suppose I will start off by saying that the art teacher at St. Andrew Jr. School in Antigonish, NS has an unholy amount of Jenga blocks. Thousands and thousands. Don't get me wrong, Mrs. Donna Woolaver is a great art teacher, but she doesn't take her job as seriously as some might say she should. That being said, she often showed up 10-20 minutes later than the rest of my class showed up to class. A disagreement between a few of my peers would often result in a seperation of my class into two sides. A jenga block would be thrown. Everyone ducked under their desks for cover as another great Battle commenced. People running, Blocks flying everywhere. Someone screams. No one cares.Chaos, pure chaos. You'd band together with a group of friends and cover each others asses as you would try to disable someone from the other side. After all the brave ones were injured and broken, the shy and the cowardly would come out from under their desks in utter shock. And the art class would begin. We never got caught. Amen.


 CHRIS!! THATS AWESOME I HAD HER TOO!! hahaha. that pretty much explains every single are class. SERENDIPITY is her favorite word.

Do you honestly think it's a good idea to go about the internet telling people where you live and go to school, and who your teacher is??

Thats so cool! The only interesting thing that has happened to me in art was the time my teacher knocked her glass of the table, and even then we were still bored!

I wish my art class was like that!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA sounds like my art teacher in 8th grade... but with paint and markers