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Articulating LCD mount arm Answered

I've been searching for a diagram or and instructable that will help me build one of these things. It's really frustrating because I need one so bad, but buying one would cost me upwards of $100 and I dont want to spend that (unless I'm making one for myself).


Ive been thinking about making something like this for my room, I have a loft bed and would like to be able to move the TV around freely on a arm mount so that I could use it both under and on my bed.

What about Microphone stands? Providing you have a small enough TV


6 years ago

so smart! but I'm lazy, where can I buy the arm you showed in the 1st pic? how much is it?

Many thanks!

if you got one of these lying around it's fully adjustable if use parts i used*
other wise go walk around the block find the neighbors scooter and a hammer 
hammer flat the fork where i have sat dish mounting grey thing
and use a piece of wood there the fork need to be hammered flat to screw to flat board then you can measure/mark mounting holes drill and bolt on (mine uses m4 .07 x 10)


Depending on the size of the screen, mybe you could make one out of a desk lamp that is similar..just tighten the knobs substantially?

I actually thought of doing that, but really those desk lamp arms are only designed to hold up a VERY minimal ammount of weight. The screen I'm trying to mount is maybe 20x's heavier than a lamp. Nice thought though

cant you take apart the lamp arm, and design one that will hold up the bigger weight?

what about using better springs on the lamp arm it should hold if the spring weight is higher

I send few of these to a recycle center last year. I wish I still have it... It would be great for my LCD tv... Fire hose / reel arm