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Artist Turning Hummer into horse-drawn carriage Answered

Jeremy Dean is in the middle of a project where he will be turning a Hummer into a horse-drawn carriage. It's a commentary on what the future could look like after an oil crisis and it's also a pretty amazing mod. I really hope the result is worth the $15k for the used H2 and the hours put into it.



Surely that would be rather heavy?


Hummers are mainly plastic, they arnt as tough and beefy as they look...

For that engine and everything else, the chassis must be heavy.


Hummers are heavy. This is an H2 though. Still heavier than most cars, but no "heavy duty" really.

Not quite as light as one of these though?

And you'll have higher rolling-resistance with the fat tyres I guess.


I believe it's more of an art piece than a practical escapade.


No youtube! I can't see it running now but should be able to on the weekend.

Well yes, but I guess they will have it pulled, and that'll mean a cart-horse or two, Or perhaps a team of 4?


Given the fact that the whels aren't driven and the top speed will probably be considerably less than stock, they can probably get away with LRR tyres (f they make them that big) or just overinflating to reduce rolling resistance.

I was thinking simply overinflation, kind of like our economy...

Well, we all want the wheels to turn more freely :)

At least not the newer ones. A true Hummer (H1) is a beast, though. The new ones (H2, H3, etc) are just for show and the name; toys when compared.

 Military armor plated versions are heavy.  These are the pressed tin matchbox consumer versions.  I had to laugh at these guys when they were at the gas pump when prices went sky high.

check out my instructables

HUMMERS ONLY COST $15K !?!?!?!?!

Thats a cool idea, from the pic in the video it looks pretty disfugured by the end though.

NOTHING can beat this hummer though !
My dad actually saw this in Mayfair in London

they cost a lot more than 15 k... so it must be a broken one or a used one he bought.

Cool, but I would just make something to go onto the front towing hitch, put it in neutral, roll down the down the windows, and have the reigns go in the window.

Ironic project is ironic. Congratulations, you win the Series of Tubes for the day! Good job, sir, good job. :b:

 I'd transform it, from if anything, into a super hummer. Not a horse drawn carriage! Still, pretty cool. Just a shame to see something so modern, get demoted so much.


8 years ago

Hummers were way better without that lol!

Oh that poor Hummer!

It'll still get 8 miles or less per bucket of oats.  He might have to remove the chrome if he wants to talk the Amish into trying it.