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Artist in Residence Opportunity in London (open to international applications) Answered

Do you do art "for real"?

There's an opportunity you might like: LINK

The selected artist will be provided with accommodation, studio, stipend and a production budget towards new work. The artist will be selected from an open call, with the 4 month residency resulting in a public exhibition and publication in 2014. We are seeking applications from artists who have been working professionally for 5 years. We welcome international applications. 

The residency includes a £2000 budget towards the production of new work, a £2000 stipend and up to £350 pounds towards travel expenses. Flat Time House will offer a self contained artist's residence with en-suite bathroom. Adjoining kitchen facilities are shared with FTHo's staff. 

The deadline for applications is September 8 2013.

The residency is to begin late November 2013 and run until late March 2014. 


Still looking? I know the ideal person-- he is a professional artist in many mediums plus has taught classes from painting to jewelry making as well as super creative and innovative in the digital world of art too ... I know the deadline has passed, but is it truly too late for an amazingly talented person to submit an application? If not, I'll alert him to this opportunity. Thanks

That will be fantastic

Not much time left to apply, folks.

Thanks Kiteman!! Looks awesome! One question: the offered stipend is enough for a living in London?

Since you're not paying for accommodation, yes.

I think the only financial challenges would getting there, and clothing (winter in London is far colder, wetter and darker than either San Francisco or Colombia).

(Hey, the worst they can do is say "no"!)

"All of time and space. Everywhere and anywhere. Every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?"

London sounds awesome!

It is, but Doctor Who is filmed in Cardiff, at least three hours drive away...

I know, and Torchwood. But is closer than the five thousand hours drive away from Colombia... LOL

LOL, true.

Tell you what, if you make it, I'll come down to London and take you to Cardiff.

Wow! what a golden opportunity for an artist! Once in a life time!

Oooh I so wish I could do this! Unfortunately I am not an "artist who has been working professionally for 5 years" :(