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Arts and Crafts Find New Life Online - Instructables in BusinessWeek Answered

Instructables got a really nice mention in the BusinessWeek article Arts and Crafts Find New Life Online - Web sites are building communities -- and businesses -- on the growing do-it-yourself craze
by Heather Green

Eric Wilhelm's experience reflects the urge to be more hands-on. While earning his PhD in mechanical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the then-23-year-old took up kitesurfing. He didn't have thousands of dollars for equipment, so Wilhelm built his own boards and posted detailed designs on his Web site. Readers asked for more information and help building other projects. So two years ago he launched Instructables.com, where anyone could contribute how-tos and get reader feedback.

Now, Instructables has 7,500 directions for everything from making a pinhole camera to sculpting a chair out of wood. "My grandfather had a bunch of baby-food jars with screws and nails in the basement, and after ignoring the skill it took to use those, people are now seeing that that's valuable," Wilhelm says. "They're afraid of losing touch with how to do stuff. That's why it's hip and cool to knit now."

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10 years ago

Congrats - again! Etsy, Make, Craft and Instructables - the usual suspects, eh? :-)

Burda is a blast from the past. Didn't ring a bell at first, but now I realize my mother used to read Burda way, way back when I was growing up in Belgium!

She actually used to be a haute couture seamstress before I was born. When we were cleaning up after she passed away this summer, we even found some of her old patterns and a beautiful drawing of a 50-60's style wedding dress she made for one of her customers...

That's great. I am going to show that to my wife, who has an interest in crafts.