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Artsy iPad cases? Answered

Hello! A friend of mine recently did a brilliant painting on an iPad case which looked awesome. Then another dude got inspired and he airbrushed a piece on his. I kinda want something artsy like that, but can’t seem to find good places to get them online. Who knows where to find your not-so-standard cases online?



Usually there should be a SPAM address with this question but you can search for it under "artsy ipad cases".

> there should be a SPAM address with this question
.  It made my Spider sense tingle.

Did you two treat yourselves to some fresh paranoia berry juice for Christmas?

Sorry, I believe the correct question is "What's he smokin?"

The same exact question is posted throughout several forums on the interwebs.  It is either a person desperately looking for an artsy ipad case or an amateur spammeur.  But being the holidays, the person deserves the benefit of a doubt and will not be flagged as such.

If somebody suddenly goes around giving the same answer to all those other postings, then maybe it will suddenly get classed as "spam".