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Spl1nt3rC3ll's Artwork Answered

I'm not quite sure about this to be honest, but I'm thinking about selling my art. I would like to know if there is any interest in my art at all, or if I'm shooting in the dark. I don't know the prices, so if you are interested, name a reasonable price and we'll work it out. My website is below if you would like to browse. Most of the stuff on there is a few years old, but there are some new pieces. I've got paintings and pottery.

Note: the website editor I use crashed, so I cannot update the site. Updates will be placed here.

The close-up of the Hand shows the neat emerald fraction effect of the glaze.

This is a slideshow of some recent pottery:

Below is a video of my most recent project:



8 years ago

 I really can see the horror, if that's what was intended, in your hands art work. The black hands trying to drag the white hands down, it's great! I can really see emotion in your work! I love it! 


8 years ago

 I love the simple, tribal clay pieces, there amazing, and very talented. The art work is great too. How much would you sell these, preferably, custom made artwork. And how do you make these anyway?

wow , you are very talented! the hands are brilliant! i would suggest getting a stand/table at a fair or school event

Thanks! I've thought about/ tried to get a stand at the farmers market.

The hands are soooo cool! How much are you asking for them?

Thanks! Let me think about that, how much would you be willing to spend?

I don't think I'd be quite willing to part with those hands, there is a lot of sentimental value to them.

Though I am trying to get money for a high speed camera ; )

Oh sorry I missed your repost, that is why I didn't answer. That's cool I understand.

Interesting, those hands remind me of Rodin's hands, he has a sculpture quite like what you got.

Wow, that is interesting, his sculptures are quite impressive.

. Excellent work! Unfortunately, I'm not in the market for any art at the time.

Wow, you're a great artist! Perhaps go to a garage sale and make a separate sale. People would really like those!

The first project with the black and white hands looks amazing. You are a very talented artist. Sadly I'm not in the market at the moment. Keep honing your talent, you have a gift.

I like the one in the third picture, on the part that curls around it it's just so colorful looking! :D THe hand looks really cool too.

It sounds like you're custom-making art, so this would probably be better suited for "Services". Maybe not, maybe I'm crazy.
WHAT?!? How dare you call me crazy!!!...heh...

Well, more like selling current art and any future artwork. I don't know if I even can yet, but I want to see if anyone is interested.