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As soon as I go to "Easy usb paracord flash drive case", I'm logged off! Answered

And when I log back on it redirects me to the "you" page.

What is this I don't even?


Did you try it again?

Works now, stopped about a month back, luckily.

What browser are you running (including version number)?  On what platform?

I just tried that I'ble myself, twice, and saw no such problem.  I am using Firefox 3.6.3 on MacOSX 10.5.8.

I'm using Firefox 3.6.3 with Windows xp. It's most likely my cache and cookies.

I got this problem one time on my own ible, I cleared out my cookies and cache and it was fine.

I had this a while back whith Noahws tree speakers and his guide to speakers.

In my experience the problem was firefox that was updating. I browsed those two instructables, then firefox asked to update, I did this but after the update I needed to log in to instructables again. So I did do that but I found that every time I got to those two ibles I was logged off again.

I fixed it by shutting firefox off and starting it again :)


8 years ago

Have you enabled your cookies?
Are you using firefox?
Maybe try a restart?

I've enabled cookies for Instructables, and every other Instructable works except for that.

I am indeed using firefox.

And it's happened on two computers.

Maybe the staff was doing some changes on the system or getting a slow response.  It happens every once in a while as I have the "keep logged in" settings in Firefox and sometimes when I go to a different page and come back I am logged out.