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Ash Around Fruit Tree. Answered

Last year some of my fruit trees died because of wood bores and other damaging ground bugs. I remember once hearing that ashes spread around the fruit tree will protect it from these bugs, but I was told that if you spread too much ash around the tree it will be killed. Does anyone know the right amount of ash to use?


potash or potassium carbonate (K2CO3), is the reason some "ash" was good for some gardens and deciduous trees. Pot Ash originally came from ashes. The problem is, without proper soil testing, a dose of either of these could do more harm then good. If the soil is not lacking in potassium, one could be causing enough of an imbalance to make matters worse.

I have been looking at some old books from the 1700s forward, and they said that the ash was piled around the base of the tree to keep the bore from laying its eggs . Like you said though I might kill the tree, so I might use another method which says to remove three inches of top soil from around the tree, and add new soil. Another method said to poor boiling water around the fruit tree, but I don't think I want to do that.

Well, if the ash were kept thin, but still covered the ground well enough to prevent, as you wrote, the laying of the eggs, it shouldn't do any harm unless the soil is really impregnated with K2CO3) already.

I will give it a shot

. I think what you are looking for is potash. Google "wood borers +potash"

. Dude! Just Google it. If you're using Firefox, just select the word potash anywhere on this page, right-click, and choose either "Define 'potash'" or "Search Google for 'potash'"