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Ask a Scientist Special Event: Phat Tuesday Physics Circus Answered

Come join ringmaster Zeke Kossover and his crew of sensational sideshow scientists as they (and YOU) perform dazzling demonstrations that illustrate physical principles! Watch, and listen, as sound shatters a wine glass! Ride a hovercraft! Turn on an electric pickle! Try to look at invisible glass! Witness the stopping of time! (Ok, not time exactly, but the hands of a watch.) Zeke and his crew will astound, amaze and explain, every step of the way. Can you think of a more appropriate way to celebrate Mardi Gras, than sledgehammering a bed of nails into the chest of a physics teacher from New Orleans? I sure can't!

RINGMASTER: Zeke Kossover, physics teacher at Jewish Community High School of the Bay.
THE CREW: Tucker Hiatt, physics teacher at The Branson School and director of Wonderfest; Leif Steinhour, Constructor, One Off Shoppe.
WHEN: Tuesday, February 5th, 7:00 pm
WHERE: Axis Cafe, 1201 8th Street (btw. 16th & Irwin)

Ask a Scientist recommends that you come early to make sure that you get a good view.



That would be great, and the one listed for the 26th I believe, about the Antikythera computer would be great to attend too. *sigh*

Any chance you could start something like this up where you are located? Maybe it's time Ask A Scientist started some other chapters...

I honestly wouldn't even know where to start, even on a small scale. I know I couldn't fund it, and I am not good at begging, which is why I don't work for a charity :-)

No need to raise money. The speakers aren't paid, but most people like to talk about their research. Others have public education as part of their grant. Me, I'm just a ham and wanted to have an excuse to show off. The venue gives the space for free in exchange for the publicity and the business. I've never been to an AaS night that wasn't standing room only.

Envious Bump (wish I could get there)