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Aspies should not be treated as inferier Answered

Not everything that steps out of line, and thus "abnormal", must necessarily be "inferior".

Hans Asperger (1938)

I step out of line ALL the time when people that I know to know better, treat me as inferior!

 Peter, (2010)



But we get on great when I get treated as an equal, and I will never ever treat them as inferior because they keep on and on unwittingly proving they got less IQ than me.
I do admit they can communicate better than me, but then, so can politicians. :-) (Peter 2010)  

Yes Lemoine, I often sign as Peter.

As for spelling, it depends if you use UK USA AUZ NZ 1800s 1900s 2000s versions of spelling.

If you understood my spelling, then certainly everybody can.

I suggest you need to stop going around correcting me everywhere. i am catching up on a backlog of comments and already know you been correcting me over on the Resources Forums.

I have not run away, my time has gone into fixing a mates laptop with a bad virus that disabled all means of getting AV software onto the HDD, and booting up from a restore disk.

The virus put up a damn good fight, but lost.

I can not point to errors, but since you write very well I'm only picking up things which I think you'd probably like to fix.
Glad you got the virus fixed - which one out of interest?


 what you saw is the tip of the ice berg, without a Word Processor and spell checks, I can not write. 99% of my spelling was corrected after 60% had been misspell during my work today

Years ago, for a change, I decided to do some study, I signed up at the psyche hospital school, run by the polytechnic. everybody does Correspondence School lessons (thats run by the government) Everybody but me was Intellectually Handicapped, 2 teachers helped with problems, I found I could not study there, so began helping my new friends via one to one, and studied at home. I even showed the teacher copy and paste tricks on their Amiga 500, she did not realize it was muliti tasking and you could have two documents open

2 years later I appeared at a vocational trainer provider, as a volunteer  to teach computers, and found my friends there, they greeted me as a friend, the manager thought I was a new trainee, so kept me waiting an hour before signing me in. Woops, in front of me, she badly mistreated some trainees. When she finally spoke to me and found I was not a trainee, too late, I had recorded everything, an hour later, I was on the phone to her head office. The guy she mistreated, had Downs Syndrome and was a friend of mine, and so was his mother, we had meet in advocacy areas. Her son also did computer studies at the Polytech when I was there, one day, loud music came from his work station, he got cuagth, rather than study, he had bored a hole thru the firewall and been downloading MP3s Students wwere allowed to burn Cds of their work folder, rather that text files, his was ful of MP3

Anyway, running out of causes after finishing Accounting, I did a fun course, Writing Effective English which I did really need, I was really well known for my letters to editor. My correspondence school tutor told me, she did care what my spelling was like, as long as the words were correctly recognized, she wanted to see my IDEAS, not spelling

so, excuse spelling above, check out the following for my otyher writings, tonight I am puting a new item up, my aspie assessment report

PS be nice and say hello to Ms Chris above, (Meandmytre...) she is our latest Aspie. Be nice or I will sic Ms Lithium on you.

some items I uploaded on behalf of friends


Ah thankyou (again, you're always a good read).
I find it hard to do a lot of text, but You reminded me of when Multitasking was a real FEATURE of a machine, like VGA graphics I suppose.

Yes, I've taken note, please spare me "The Rain"!


 was not really mulitasking, more like time sharing with a fast CPU

Can you believe it ran about 8mhz

But from a 48K Spectrum, 512K RAM and floppy, was what I believe was a super computer

look at it now, the laptop manages a dual core, (any faster, it would go back in time) and now we worry about bandwidth to the WWW

Imagine running Win 3.1 on todays Win 7 hardware.

But what can you do with faster than light Win 3.1?

Oh yes, I've got Win 3.1, I do wonder what would actually work on it if it were installed, but it would be very fast I think. I once played with a 5 1/4 dual-disk machine (no HDD) it was hooked-up to a a spectrophotometer or similar. Apparently some students had written their theses on it.


"But it would work very fast"

Doing what? No things like processing video in those days.

PS, the laptop went on-line today, my mate asked if it was all set up for wireless.

I had considered disabling the wireless networking, but I am not thy brother's keeper.

Doing what? Well, the best games would technically be using DOS, so I don't know what Win would be good for...


Dos games of the Win 3.1 era were just too simple.

What did PCs do in 1989?

Bulletin board messages and MS office V -1.0, simple games hackers wrote, no photo editing software, no movies

How could you have fin in those days?

Doom wasn't released until very late '93, and I didn't get a Win machine until years after that.
Day of the Tentacle wasn't out then either, so I would guess at "text-based role-players", probably those.


you miss the point, on todays hardware, how could they be better?

After all, at the speed of light, if they had been programmed with waits, most of the time they would waiting for the real world to catch up, they would not know what to with the faster hardware

so todays hardware with Win 95 and the first IE. assuming it can recognize a network so you can get on line

or todays hardware with Win ME, the first multimedia WIN.

But most of the extra CPU power today would be used on AV and firewalls

I just watched Fahrenheit 451, interesting, like 1984

It's an awful long time since I saw F451, Ray Bradbury was it? Longer than a version of 1984, but that had John Hurt in it was a long time ago...

On today's hardware, they would load faster and transfer data faster. You wouldn't use much of the hardware, and you wouldn't do much with it. I found my 7 Win3.1 floppies this aft' - but I don't have a 31/2" floppy drive installed.


 I got a USB extremal floppy if needed.

Seems they are doing F451 again, release in 2012

Oh well what next? Who would you cast as the lead for the re-make of Soylent Green?
(I can install the 31/2 floppy, I have no use for it, like the 51/4) which is actually mounted in my case)


 Seen both a 3.5 and 5.25 drive in one 5.25 form factor internal drive case

I can discuss only contend of movies, not really clued up about actors and producers my HDD is not unlimited anymore

 it came from a faked Adobe URL it had a name before adobe and the file was something like plus plus.

Got told they thought it was a AV app, don't know why, but they already had 3 AV apps running. I Googled it, some people said it was okay, others called it a Trojan. 

Very likely it was something that was able to modify itself to confuse the AV definitions

I only began winning when I networked in from a Ubuntu OS, I got onto the HDD by being invisible, installed Ubuntu into a folder (not partition) and got control of the DVD player, I then moved out 60 GB of vidio over the network to a ubuntu OS HDD, did a Linux AV scan over the files. (the script was given to me a year ago on a floppy to do that, it just checks file headers to ensure is a video, and does checksums.

I spent an hour digging out his only copy of family photos, and after AV checking, there is a copy of the folder on 3 HDDS.

then the OS restore, hours of updates, several runs of AVG, hours to move back the data, closed all the security I opened, then hours fine tuning, found the XP interactive trainer (he only had the laptop a week before the virus hit) created short cuts, sorted video into folders.

Then reset the power saving stuff, and did several reboots to ensure AVG was working.

I charged him 25 bland DVD R seeing he has little money, and loaned him my VIP card to get 20% off. (Puts me in the draw for $100 of goods)

It sounds like a tough one, but you get a satisfaction from cracking these jobs.

An opinion I share with others is that it doesn't matter what virus protection you have, go around the internet carelessly and one day you pick up a "zero-day" virus. It hasn't hit the virus-labs, or they haven't yet released the update - what you've got is useless. You would have said something like this to the guy I think.


True, I researched it more than a month after the laptop got infected, they continued using it, to play videos.

The latest but unknown viruses most likely get released into the wild from porn sites, and in email. Understanding that, you don't go near porn, and you watch your emails closely.

But he wont understand, he is PC illiterate (spelling?) and unlikly to improve on that.

His mates said he could use their wireless networks, from a car outside, they gave him their passwords. I suspect the virus was not blocking wireless because the Laptop kept "see" local nets and asking if I wanted to log in.

Imagine the result if he had known how to set it up for wireless?

He is out somewhere now, as you say, AV is not perfect, he is a ladies man, except I have never come across a lady that agrees.

Now you know why he needs the laptop.

I am sure you don't mean me, however thanks for the link, i will enjoy reading it.

I just checked out your profile (My SOP) and saw you collect quotes, thats why you arrived here. I saw a few I liked, I hope you have no trouble with me swiping, copying and pasting into a posting to my networks?

I also posted that quote above to my FB presence, resulting discussion led me to write the following;

Hey, its all about labels,

Consumer---unwell and inferier
Provider---well and superier

Not suprising that Provider decides who Consumer is.

Maybe Consumer should have the right to decide who Provider is before Provider picks out Consumer?

I am highly dependent on a Word Processor like some disabled friends worse of than me on FB, and we had a good discussion on the quote.

Unlike lemonie who seems to have no original ideas, but goes around checking spelling.

Come over and visit us Aspies over on

And try the test, I suspect I have already a valid picture in my head of your score. It tests how good you are, as a Aspie, or a non Aspie. 

Lemonie has been too chicken to post his score picture

> I hope you have no trouble with me swiping, copying and pasting into a posting to my networks?
.  You want my permission to use quotes that I "stole" in the first place? Sure! Go for it!
> Hey, its all about labels,
> ...
> but goes around checking spelling.
.  Word salad

> And try the test,
.  I see your Asperger's and raise you sociopathy. ;)
> Lemonie has been too chicken to post his score picture
.  Or maybe he just has enough sense to keep such things private.

.  No, I don't think Aspies are superior (whatever that really means) ... or inferior. Being slightly different from "the norm" doesn't necessarily make one better or worse, just different.

 If you look at the picture, the only difference is communication.

From my point of view, its because when I was working, and there was a breakdown or problem, I came up with answers easier, because I looked at the problem from other directions.

But until people learnt I could do that, they would not give me a hearing.

It took time. Once we had a major break down, a group of us were discussing it, the factory manager was an engineer, Bob the engineer began saying "the thing to do...)

The boss interrupted him, told him to F OFF. That tells you the emergency level, as the women on my team heard that.

Bob found something else to do, but he never got the sack, because the boss always had POWER over him, Bob was unlikely to get a  job elsewhere.

An example of my ideas, we had a fault in the automatic control box on our steam boiler, the matching standby boiler had been opened up for survey.

So I suggested jumper cables from the good control box on the boiler under survey, to the stuffed control box on the boiler ready to go. We finished our production 6 hours later and overnight swapped the control box over.

Another one, we were canning asparagus, a large cooker full of brine got blocked outlet when a 50-Kg bag of salt was poured in too fast. SOP was always probing with long rods to unblock.

I went to the brine gun, held a compressed air gun on it, wrapped a glove around it, told everybody to stand clear (first time, anything could happen) pulled the trigger, the cooker unblocked no trouble and we were back in action.

With corned beef, the lid seamer worked under vacuum (all the other products used steam blast seamer's)

But a vacuum seamer takes half an hour to fix, if a can goes into it, and no lid arrives.

Rather than opening it, I had made some tools, to destroy and flatten the can inside it, and bring it out via a inspection hole. Under 10 minutes, and the can would have been tossed out anyway.

When it happens, you get a few seconds warning, you miss hearing one click out of a whole sequence, the lady monitoring the machine shoves in the clutch, and everybody  watches the machine wind down, hopeful before the can is too far gone to wind back.

Everybody was sensitive to that one click, you miss it, you yell Jam up! and that gets relayed thru the factory, everybody then moves to new positions and a old slow seamer is used to keep going.

Wherever I was I had to come running.

The only emergency I did not run for was the siren saying the boiler was shutting down with a fault. No need to run, I knew when the siren went off, it was already in safe mode. Besides, the steam engineer always got there first, he was i his 80s, and he worked on the steam ships crossing the Atlantic during WW2 

PS, our production had to be finished every day, some things was just a day, ingredients been thawed out.

Always start early with cooking, breakfast a 7:30, provided the first batch was ready, 7:50-am QC gives all clear on the tests, first batch pumps up to the holding tank (second batch in second cooker is ready)

7:55 all machines running, warming up, ladies making their adjustments (they don't get paid till 8:am)

8-am, the start bell rings, I press the button, the boss arrives putting on his white coat, QC grabs 6 cans off the line rushes off for a quick check weigh.

8:05-am my boss vanishes and we try for non-stop to 10-am. 9-am, the big big boss comes in, I say hello, he asks how are we doing, I tell him we will get there, stop worrying (at the year end clean up, I get to hose him down, before we all go in for the party)

9-15 i go into QC for a brief meeting to discuss the previous day.

5 minutes later, I go into the workshop for my latest hobby project. The ladies shut down at 10 for a tea break, we start up again at 10-15.

That is where trouble can start.

By 11, the cooks are into last batches and begin relaxing and tidying up. Lunch from 12 to 12-30.

1-pm the cooks begin the last two batches. By afternoon tea at 3, we are breaking down the line for cleaning up. I start at one end and strip down all the machines, the ladies clean the parts. If its a different product next day, I start moving some machines out, others in, engineers hook them up to pipe work. Some people begin leaving early (still got paid to 4-30)

About 4, either I leave, or start reasembing machines so I dont had to rush in the morning.

The previous supervisor never was ready to push the button until 8:15.

With him gone, it was a matter of pride for us all, sharp at 8, GO.

Without a good start, or with breakdowns, we might not finish until 8-pm.

I recall once before I was promoted and still cook, about 8:30 am, QC shut the line down, as the seamer was about 3 thousands of an inch out (thats enough for cans to be not safe)

For the next six hours, it was GO, 1 minute later STOP  for 30, go for minute.

NOW you see why my problem solving was needed.

With a break down, all I was interested in, was to get going until the next break, only then did I let the engineers in.

My fixes used heaps of galvanized wire, until the MAFIA insisted on stainless steel wire NUTS, Once I even had the MAFIA working on the line (Gov Inspectors)

My first job as supervisor was six weeks of marmalade, that we had just canned a month earlier into the WRONG cans. (Cans have a coating inside, different properties for different products hi acid, or fish, or meat and asparagus has no coating inside the can, as  tin makes the asparagus greener

The seam rollers on a old seamer were modified to cut the seam, for six weeks we opened cans, tipped the product into the cookers, added a bit of water, and reprocessed into the correct cans.

for six weeks, skip trucks took empty cans to the tip.

The can maker replaced the cans for free but admitting no liability

4 years later when I left, it was still being argued in court about who was going to pay for 6 weeks reprocessing and 6 weeks lost production slots (3 slots was a years production of OK sauce, 1-2 slots for Chow Chow for a year, 1 slot for Abalone soup. 5-slots for an order from the government for Army meals in baby food cans. (The ladies once collected heaps of baby food labels, and the Army got a case of Army meals in cans, with baby food labels

.  Is that long, drawn-out speech supposed to prove that Aspies are superior? Or anything at all?

Not superior or inferior, but I wouldn't trade my aspie brain for an NT brain ever. Even though it has caused me some troubles. I didn't get through this life on looks.

It took me bloody-ages, and I omitted to capture an image...
If you really want to see it ask me again.


 Do the test again. But beware its not a JPG

And its changed since I been there, so let me know what format it is please

That's Microsoft's attempt to take over the jpg market, after trying for desktop search, the PDF format, browsers etc

While doing that they failed to notice Ubuntu taking over the OS market.

Long live Ubuntu!

Seeing Microsoft dumped Flight Simulator and Train Simulator, so there wont be any more upgrades, I now only need one Windows PC to run those two simulators.

My other PCs will run Unbuntu 24/7 till I die of old age, maybe at least 70-80 years from now

I feel inferior alot of the time, but at the same time I know that I am smarter. Until now that has been confusing to me. Because I was never able to talk to people and I when I did, I inevitably said the wrong thing, and that was that. Well we all know how cruel people can be. I would and still sometimes do feel like why am I the outcast when I know I am smarter than most of the people around me.

 While I was working as a supervisor at the cannery, I also had to look after my sister, keep one brother off her, then pay the mortgage on my house, while supporting my two bother refusing to pay board, while mum was dieing hospital. Luckily my job was just down the road, every day my staff looked after themselves (SOP I spent my time in the workshop making gadgets and inventing) and I got to see mum, my sister was there 18/7, my brothers never visited.

the day after the funeral, I asked for help. during my rehab a psychologist did 6 hours of tests, I got 0 in social, tops in IQ and my photographic memory got validated.

8 years later I returned, having to ex cape from my brother.

I arrived on a Saturday, the duty doctor recalled me from 8-years earlier, unlocked the records room and got my file folder.

I asked her, why the psychologist 8 years earlier as it had been the best thing they had done.

She said I presented with low self esteem, so the tests were to prove to ME I was not stupid. at home, my brothers put me down, at work I was in charge.

8 years earlier I presented all with anxiety stress and exhaustion, prescribed bed rest, 8 years later, after another run with my brother, same thing.

Typical Asperiger's symptoms