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Assassin's Creed 1 & 2 Piece of Eden Apple Answered

Everybody has been making their own hidden blades, but how about we try another item from the game? The Piece of Eden apples. They are glowing, futuristic spheres, which have the ability to control people's minds and cause intense Hallucinations. From seeing them, it looks like we can use the same basic Idea as this guy here with a Glowing box:


The Apple looks very similar in that the light emanates from behind the metal pieces, glowing at times, and you'd also need a way to turn it off and on, or for an added effect, but an electomagnetic switch inside instead of a pushbutton, where you can hold it and make it glow, but when you hand it off, it fades, or it only glows when placed on a base or something of the such. Just thought i'd get the ball rolling and see what we can come up with!


all of us should get together and make try make 1 of each POE

Hey can u send me an instructable when ur done with that coz I had the same Idea

One idea would be a glove or wrist device that activates the glowing (with enough engineering pressure plates that, when turned on by the glove or wrist device, would increase the intensity of the glove). The cube looks like a great place to start. For magic tricks there is a device that attaches to the wrist and sends a small electrical current through the hand to create a spark. this could most likely be used to turn the device on. With that idea, the pressure plates on the apple itself could simply allow more light to be turned on, thus not creating any glow effect when held by someone without the proper equipment

Don't know if you're still game for it, but I had the same Idea. I only thought about taking one of those Fushigi toys and putting some kind of bronze-ish foil over it in the same pattern as one of the Pieces of eden