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Assassin's Creed Hidden blade *MODIFICATION* Video anyone? Answered

So i, like many others, have some strange obsession with Hidden Blades and really want one. However, i do not have the machines to make one from scratch like most of the walk thoughs on here, and since i do not have enough time at the moment, heres what i was wondering:

Is there anyone out there with enough time, money, brains and skill to convert a shop bought hidden blade from spring loaded mechanism to the more realistic ring pull mechanism? I think it could potentially be quite a challenge, working around the already existing parts.

I am talking about the blades on sites such as Forbidden Planet, and also i have found iconiccollectables.com selling them.


This is probably a better post for the forums, particularly the Burning Questions section where people post things they would like to see others build.

There is a pretty cool video on Youtube where a kid walks through building a hidden blade out of things like cardboard and glue. If you want to build one from components, that might be worth a watch.