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Assault Rifles Answered

A forum about WW2 Assault Rifles...


The only assault rifles of WW2 ever made were the Mkb42, STG44, and the STG45 (M)

If you want to get technical then you could include the M2 Carbine. It had all the qualifications for an assault rifle but it was never really used for this purpose.

Yeah... that's the reason why I didn't add it.

Why is a shovel a shovel? It is mainly because it looks like a shovel and it does a shovel's job. Just because you could use a shovel as a weapon doesn't make it any less a shovel right? Just because the M2 Carbine's job wasn't an assault rifle's doesn't mean it isn't an assault rifle. At least to me.

what was the M2 carbine designed for anyways?

Well it goes back to what the M1 Carbine was designed for. They originally intended for the M1 to be selective fire but they decided to produce it without selective fire. And basically the M1 Carbine was an alternative to the M1 Garand. Some soldiers preferred the lighter and shorter carbine compared to a full rifle. It made it a good weapon for paratroopers. Otherwise it had no specific purpose. Most found the caliber it used insufficient. The M2 was simply giving the M1 selective fire and a 30 round magazine as the default magazine.

Actually the M1 and M2 carbines were alternatives to the Colt 1911A1 .45 caliber pistol. It was felt that the carbine was more effective than a pistol. It was issued to mortar crewmen,heavy machinegun crews, radiomen, light armored vehicle crews and officers.

The M1 rifle ("Garand") along with the Johnson rifle and 1903A3 Springfield rifle, to a much lesser extent, was the standard combat rifle for the Army, Marines and armed Coast Guard crewmen to a much lesser extent Soldiers did not have a "choice" as to which weapon they carried

Technically, the M1 and M2 carbines were not assault rifles as the .30 caliber cartridge is considered more a pistol round than a rifle round. The M1 is also a semi automatic, not a selective fire weapon, aas the M2.

Many "experts" dismiss the 30 caliber M1 carbine round to be underpowered. This is really not true, if you consider its intended use as a pistol alternative. In fact in the 1950's the French Foreign Legion selected the M1 carbine as their standard service rifle. The Legionaires did extensive trials before picking the M1. The French Foreign Legion has a reputation as excellent marksmen, and they decided the knockdown power was sufficent to use as a main battle rifle.

I have taken several whitetail deer with my carbines, and out to 150 yards or so, I'd compare it to a 30-30