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Assault rifle contest! Answered

The assault rifle competition winner will get a 5 star rating on any 5 instructables/forum topics/groups. (in that order, can mix). the 3 runners up will recieve a 5 star rating to an instructable of their choice.
There will be categories, and everyone can vote for one gun in each category. i am only accepting assault rifles - must have a working mag, be the size of a rifle and fire.
A voter may only vote up to two of their guns into any of the categories, and must vote something for every category. You may only vote once


Best looking assault rifle
1.Banana inventors 10 shot auto loading rifle

Most innovative assault rifle
1.Storm 223

Most powerful assault rifle
1.Storm 223

Most reliable assault rifle
1.The Burrito Master's Scar 11.01

Highest power:pieces ratio (ie. the more power per piece = better)
1.Crestind's AST rifle

Best overall assault rifle
(cannot enter in this category, the guns with the top 3 ammounts of votes in any category will earn a place here)
1.Storm 223
2.Banana inventors 10 shot auto loading rifle/Crestind's AST rifle/Burrito's Scar 11.01


ya, but they should have tested the gun, THEN complain

Why? Its easy to tell its not that.. stiff... Especially when you are not denying it.

it is the truth. but at least i dont LIE about my guns. I havent found a single reason to say it sucks, and there are no cons with the gun (at least that i have found)

one con could be the fact that there are no cons. lol.

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no, i am telling other people to tell the rest of the community to not believe lies about my gun

Ok, lets review the situation. The community says its flimsy. You admit its flimsy. You tell someome wil will be listend to to tell the community that it is not flimsy. See what im getting at?

no. the community says its flimsy. i admit its flimsy i tell someone to tell the the community that it may be flimsy, but there is no problem.........

I guess I'll enter my AK-74 for best looks. After all I guess it didn't work too well for everyone but it does work and it is based off of a real weapon.

hmm, i would say the DD-27 but it has no mag...

dude, lets combine contests, yours should be more inclusive. we should do this because our contest categories and judging are VERY similar

delete your topic and i will open mine to assault rifles. you will be a judge (sorry, judges are ineligible) if you dont want to, you can be a sponsor. the sponsors ask people to be judges

i would rather not delete mine, but i will be a sponsor if you want

well, that's it, but i would not like to destroy mine, so i'm afraid we probably cant merge

hmmmm. any ideas? PS. could u tell the losers who commented that there is absolutely NO problem with my gun being flimsy!

Telling people to say that you gun is not bad, Dont you think people should speak their minds?

best looking AR: banana inventors 10 shot auto loading rifle most innovative: Storm 223 most powerful:Storm 223 Most reliable:The Burrito Master's Scar 11.01 Highest power:pieces ratio: Crestind's AST rifle