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Assistance with Windows Vista, why can't my computer recognize analog outputs/sound does not work? Answered

Okay, I have an HP Pavilion a6110n desktop computer, running Windows Vista ,Service Pack 2. A few days ago, I had the power supply fail, and had to replace it. After that, I noticed that my computer would not play any audio through any of the 3.5mm analog outputs. When I go into sound manager, the computer tells me that the speakers/audio outputs are not plugged in, even though I opened the case and confirmed that they are plugged into the motherboard. In addition, the onboard Realtek HD Audio Manager will not recognize any output other than the digital output, even though most of the analog outputs are integrated into the motherboard itself, and not a separate audio card. I have tried Googling to no avail, as none of the solutions I have tried have worked.  I have tried updating drivers, adding and removing hardware, uninstalling and reinstalling Realtek, even updating the BIOS, all to no avail. I have tried calling both Microsoft, and HP, and they are both unable to help me without me having to pay them. Since my computer is so old anyway, that would not be worth it. Basically, is there an easy solution that will not require me rebuilding my computer? If there is not, I won't even bother.

Also, I've tried disabling, then enabling the speakers, from the sound manager, but that does not work either.

If there is any possible way to help me with this, i would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

PS I've also included the two audio manager screens I get, hopefully showing the problem better.

Edit: I've tried looking at this in Safe Mode, and it gives me a Code 45, basically telling me that the software is physically not plugged in. I'm seriously wondering why my computer can say that, even though the hardware in question is part of the motherboard. Also, if this were a problem, where would I look for blown capacitors?



3 years ago

Umm, according to the first screenshot the HDMI output is working. That means that the system is sending all the sound out by HDMI. This can happen if your monitor is plugged in with an HDMI cable and the video card thinks that it has speakers even if it doesn't. Or maybe it does have speakers, those little tiny ones that some monitors have and they are muted or turned down so you can't hear them. For some reason the fine people who developed HDMI managed to make systems default to it for sound if possible . If your outputting to a large screen TV with surround sound well that's great. But not for little monitors.

In the device manager look at the video card. It probably has HDMI sound bus enabled. Disable it and reboot and hopefully the system will then default to the correct sound system since the HDMI should be gone.

The other screen shows HDMI as well. I should have mentioned, HDMI sound is outputted over the HDMI cables. The regular sound jacks will be ignored. Your sound is being sent to your monitor.

Actually, I don't know/remember why it shows HDMI, my computer does not even have an HDMI output.

Its almost for certain then that it is the video card that activated its HDMI sound which then changed everything over to it. Disable it, don't remove it because it will just get put back in, Once disabled everything should go back to normal.


3 years ago

Do you see any blown electrolytic caps or fried regulators or digital parts that look charred, with a power supply failure, there may have been a voltage spike that took out the computer with it :(

Try a live USB with a OS on it, like ubuntu linux 14.04. If it works that it is quite possibly not a hardware issue, but if it does not work, it is also possible that ubuntu does not have the necessary open source driver automatically to detect the hardware, or of course the hardware is damaged.

"integrated into the motherboard itself" Yup, that's what sucks about 'integration.' If it fails, it is not worth repairing, unless it is as simple as a blown cap, or fuse. IF it is more than that, then you might as well replace the motherboard.

As a quick workaround if you do not have the $$$, is to get a external bluetooth speaker or USB speaker. Definitely sounds like the DAC has died (pun intended), or supporting logic around it, or power regulation for said parts.

Get a Linux Live CD and try with it.
If there you have a working sound card but no sound output you have a defective sound card (or at defective connectors).
From the pics your outputs are all disabled or non existant, did you try the advanced settings and assign dedicated outputs to the plugs? If you can select them it might help.

Last but not least it can be a driver conflict, I had it with my webcam and the tablet, when plugged in the front USB ports at certain configurations the sound output on the front stops working.
But in my case I did not have the connectors breyed out like in your pic.

Your sound card may if just died.

Try geting a usb sound card and pluging that in.