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Astrosyn Stepper Motors Answered

I have 2 Astrosyn Stepper Motors that I bought and ended up not using. I was going to build a small cnc machine first but decided to go bigger with the first on I built. So i bought bigger steppers for my application. I bought them for 20 bucks each and now I am selling them for 20 bucks plus shipping for both. I would like to use paypal for any transactions. Thanks for looking.


How much would the shipping cost to the UK? Do you know the torque of these motors?



OK well I really would like to get my two stepper motors sold. I really could use the funds to finish a project. So I am lowering the price down to 20 bucks shipped with in the USA. Thanks for looking.

im from australia. what would the price be to get it here? and some questions
what are the specs for the motors? what do they run on... how fast to they turn etc.

Here is a link to a site that has the specs on them. Scroll to the last page of the pdf and you will find the model number there. http://www.nisiki.net/Catalogues/Motors/Hybrid/MTF%20Series%20Hybrid%20Step%20Motors.pdf As for shipping to Australia I could do that as long as it is under the 20 bucks I am asking for them. I looked up a random postal code in Australia and it came out to be 15 bucks shipping. But anyway I am moving soon so I just want to get rid of some stuff. SO if you do want them 20 bucks shipped for both steppers to Australia.

sorry but the link is not a full link... but dont worry. i see that as a great price as well but i can not a ford it at the moment due to saving