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At The Moment: 'What Are You Listening To?' Answered

Whenever I am on the computer, I usually have iTunes blasting my ear drums to death. So, what are you listening to at the moment? At the moment: The Vines - Ride


Right this moment, my wife is pouring a tall cold one in a pilsner glass for me as I sit here at the computer. (damn I'm a lucky guy!)

My dog barking at me....

I'm listening to my brothers dog running around and whining about the neighbors horses that randomly went in our yard and started eating grass...


9 years ago

Freya - The Sword

I'm bumping this to confess my current obsession with Sia and Yelle. :P

I don't know, By Ozzy Osbourne

Please tell me that you know the song's name =SMART=

A alternative band, there coming out with a new album soon they're part of the fueled by ramen street team with other alternative bands like Panic at the Disco, Paramore, and gym class heros they're a big name in alternative it sounds nothing like i don't know

At this exact moment? Nothing but the air conditioning units at work, but when I was at home, I was listening to my Mozart cd, one of my fav. tracks being Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (and for you Geek trivia buffs out there, what "movie" was this piece featured in (hint: it was associated with a computer program called Mozart's Ghost ).

Bugs Bunny? With the story revolving around a Computer program called Mozart's Ghost? I need a link to that one LOL Here's another hint that will do no one but the most observant any good :-) For a brief moment, the "hero" of the movie, uncovers a "2600" magazine on her desk, as she flees the scene...

. hmmm Sandra Bullock (can't recall her character's name) near the beginning of "The 'Net"?

Yeah, that's the one. ;-)

And this is the entire First Movement....for those interested....only the first few bars are played when someone opened Mozart's Ghost, however ;-)

Chicago: I don't wanna live without you love, don't wanna face the night alone, I coud never make it through my life, if I had to make it on my own, I don't wanna love somebody else, I dont wanna fine somebody new, I don't wanna live without your live, I just wanna live my life with you....

Hayley Westenra, "Del Amore Non Si Sa" (with Andrea Boccelli)


9 years ago

The kids blaring insipid Nickelodean sitcoms on the boob tube. Sigh.


9 years ago

We Want The Funk - George Clinton!

me first and the gimme gimmes - country roads straight into.. Dire straits - telegraph road


9 years ago

Future Prophecies - Magnetic

ATM? Right Now (Na na na na) by Akon. I know. I usually don't listen to that kind of stuff, but heck, it's rather catchy.

I'm listening to right-wing wacko conspiracy-theory talk radio. (I like to scare myself.)

Ummmm....isn't that description a bit redundant? In fact, all of it?

Sort of. But I'm right-wing sympathetic. But those radio folks are nuttier than me!

Start with the basic phrase "talk radio." I think all of your adjectives turn out to be redundant :-) The non-wacko, non-conspiracy-theory folks don't seem to do the "talk radio" thing, let alone the rational conservatives. I have been a lifelong Democrat (I was the token liberal in my USAR unit ;->), but since buying our house, I've become slightly more sympathetic to old-school fiscal conservatism ("California Republicans" like Riordan, Deukmejian, Reagan). Not that I reject the Social Compact, I just don't want to pay high property taxes (sigh...).

Think about this. Our school system is pitiful. I've either had my kids in private school or homeschool their whole school life. My property taxes are going to undereducate kids that I and my children will have to "support" one day. My grandparents were lifelong Democrats, but the party has shifted soooo much that they have a hard time voting with a clear conscience. Personally I'm Constitutionalist/Libertarian. I frequently vote a "mixed" ballot. I'm afraid fiscal (much less social) conservatism is a thing of the past.

"Think about this. Our school system is pitiful. I've either had my kids in private school or homeschool their whole school life. My property taxes are going to undereducate kids that I and my children will have to "support" one day." Yes, indeed!

In California, Proposition 13 back in the 1970's destroyed our public school system, libraries, etc., by not only cutting property taxes drastically, but also instituting permanent limits on how much assessments can be raised (which determines the property tax payment) for a continuous owner. My dad bought his house in 1970, and still pays something like $600 a year in taxes.

I said, "I just don't want to pay high property taxes." Doesn't mean I don't, and it definitely doesn't mean I don't vote in favor of every single school-based parcel tax or special fee that comes across the ballot.

Yeah, I think Murphy has a conscience. A friend of mine married into the family, and even though he's divorced now, he has nothing but praise for them.

I'm pro-education, but the red-tape has made it.... Well, there's not a word that bad. I certainly don't mind paying taxes when I can s the money doing some good, but just haven't seen much lately (especially my federal income-tax dollars).

That being said, I'm in AR. The politics is UNBELIEVABLE! Google "Clinton Body Count". I believe MOST of that is conspiracy-theory quackery. But sadly not all of it. I've been in contact with some "first hand" folks. The things that go on behind the scenes are scary. In my line of business (private protection, not the ministry stuff) sometimes you find out things you wish you didn't know. Even most of my contact has been with (pseudo) conservatives, I'm disgusted at the things I know about the "behind the curtain" goings on.

Teardrop - Massive Attack.

Yeah, it's one of the best songs I've heard in... well... forever.

NPR election coverage. My question now (at 8:48 pm Pacific time), does this mean Kiefer Sutherland is going to start running around blowing things up?


9 years ago

Carry On My Wayward Son - Kansas :D

that song brings back guitar hero memories my friend kyle and I scored 1,000 points on that song then a manager came and signed us, we started to go to coke parties then he convinced me to play with another guy because kyle was holding me back After that, I got hooked on heroin hero and showed blew my fame then kyle and I met up at his house and scored 1 million points

Trying to impress: 'Your doing it wrong' :D

shes just a small town girl, livin in a lonely world, she took the midnight train going anywhere

. What you doing listening to that old rock? . What ever you do, remember, Life is a journey, so don't stop believin' ;)

the song changed =(,
but speaking of old rock,
im just a poor boy, no body loves me
hes just a poor, from a poor family