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At my high school we have just normal tall lockers, so how do i build a wooden locker shelf with 3 shelves inside of it? Answered




6 years ago

Years ago I made this shelf out of 1/4" Masonite but plywood or any material should work..

The shelves are  pressing the vertical support pieces against the locker sides.

This shelf system is sturdy and uses nothing but friction and gravity.



How tall are the lockers? Are they from floor to about head level or are they from the floor to hip height?

It would probably be cheaper to buy a set of locker dividers if the lockers less then 4 feet tall. Unless you really want to build them yourself. But you end up loosing a good bit of space from the thickness of the wood supports and the shelves to. You'll loose at least 1.5" in height from 2 shelves made or 3/4" wood.

Buy a couple of these for about $13 a piece.

Something like this or this should be easy enough to adapt to your needs.

I like the second link best, it holds itself together without needing any fixings and can come apart really easily if you have to move it.

I would make a wooden box, with shelves inside, and simply stand it in your locker.


Narrow, short bookshelves work well too. Kinda like a cd tower, but wider. Or even some plastic bins on their sides can stack up and work as shelves. It all depends on the room you have in the locker.