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Atari Punk Console? Answered

Does anybody know of a way to contact Forrest M Mims III? 

If nobody does then what is the difference between Kaustic Machine's Atari Punk Console and Mr. Mims'?

What is line level output?



Best Answer 6 years ago

I googled his name.

I found his website.

I looked at the website for less than a minute, and found this:

Your comments, suggestions and error notices are welcome. My e-mail address is editor[insert "at sign" here]sas.org. Important: Use a non-spam subject line or your e-mail will be automatically deleted. While time does not always permit a reply, your e-mail will be appreciated and will be read. If you require information or a photo for your web site or for publication, I will try to answer your request.

Don't ask me. I'm not him.

I assume though he means to make sure that you differentiate yourself from the spam advertisements out there. I would go with "I have a question about your Atari Punk Console".

He also is a twitter user.

You could probably send him some tweets to try to contact him as well.

He is also a member of T&L Publications forum (Nuts-n-Volts and Servo  magazines). Join up and PM him. It'll show in his email so he can get back to you. Besides, the good folk there are more than willing to help if they can.