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Attachable wheels for any shoes? Answered

Every day on my way to and from school I have to walk a long way to the bus stop, and i often come too late because i miss the bus. the way is asphalt-only, but there are some small stones on the sidewalk too. I was wondering if I could build a jig attachable to any shoe that had 3 or more wheels on it, so I could skate to the bus stop and not be late. The wheel jig should be able to hold quite some weight because of my backpack and should be able to fit inside it for me to take it to school. I cant take a skateboard or scooter because I don't have any and it's not allowed to chain it to the bus stop and I don't even have a lock or a bike. I have access to the local skateboard shop as well as the hardware store and a Tailor and carpenter too (if leather or string or even wood is needed), and also to the local supermarket. Thanks!!


Many moons ago roller skates (4 wheels) clamped to the edges of the sole - should be repeatable.




Should still be purchasable too, for that matter, if you shop around for a while.


They have the same wheels as skateboards now.


7 years ago


I know I can use Amazon and stuff but I'm sort of a creator kind of person. I like to build things myself and use the resources around me, and not just take the cheapy way out, if you know what I mean. I also like to share new ideas and for example, my idea was to attach skateboard wheels to a metal or wooden board and then place another wheel in front of the toe area for stability and then one could also skate. there are many different possibilities and i just wanted to hear some of yours :D

The pictures of commercial products should give you a good idea of what you need to make in order for it to be reliable and safe.

The tiers got messed up. Just to be clear, we're all +1ing rickharris. Remember, though that those old clamp-on skates were meant to be use with shoes that had much harder, stiffer leather soles with a sewn welt. Shoes today are much softer and pliable, so modifications will have to be made.

You could buy a pair of Heelys, or make your own. There is a tutorial on making heelys on instructables.com.


I've seen several people with these!

It took 15 seconds to type "strap on skates" into Amazon:

You can easily extend the search yourself.