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(SOLVED) Attaching Hardboard Together Answered

Okay, so I want to make a box of hardboard. Problem is: how do I connect the pieces of hardboard together at right angles? I was planning to use a hammer and nails. I haven't worked with hardboard before. Please help!

To clarify, my question is this: How do I connect pieces of hardboard at right angles to make a box?

Thanks in advance,



Thank you.

Why didn't I think of that? Probably to do with my lack of wood....

Anyway, thanks.

If you don't have wood, but you do have a hot-glue gun, you can hold the pieces in place a lay a bead of hot glue along the inside of the joints.

Be aware, though, it will be nowhere near as strong as the version TUA linked to.

Thanks for your help, both of you.

However, I do not yet own a hot glue gun. BUT, after a good going through my dad's garage, I have found myself some perfectly sized pieces of wood.

Thanks again, both :-)

Not a problem - don't forget to take pictures of your box as you make it, and consider posting your own step-by-step instructable.

It's part of a project which has an instructable in progress. I will be including details on how to make the box.

Thanks again.