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Attaching inputs on TVs that have none? Answered

I have a small portable BW TV; it doesn't have any inputs for a VCR or DVD player etc, So as soon as analog broadcasting stops it's a paperweight unless you enjoy watching TV "snow". So this brings up the question is it possible to attach inputs (RCA, Coaxial, etc) to TVs that don't have any inputs?


Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, I had pneumonia (or more probably Mexican swine flue) and forgot about it until now. I tested it and surprisingly all you need to do is touch the coaxial connector (the center part not the outer part) to the antenna, and make sure that it’s tuned to channel 3, and presto you get whatever you’re outputting! Now my 6 inch B&W Tandy can keep on working in the digital age, lol.

I’ve had one since before the deadline got extended.

Have you got an old VCR? As long as it has AV in (and the standard coax out), then you are set. Just hook it up like normal and set the VCR to be tuned into the AV channel.

See that’s just the thing this TV has no inputs like I said in the thread “it doesn't have any inputs for a VCR or DVD-” I need to attach inputs to it.

Sorry, I must have missed the bit where you said it didn't even have coax. You might be fighting a loosing battle for this TV. The last thing I can think of is to open it up (careful, there are very high voltages inside that last for a while after it has been unplugged!), and try wiring in a coax lead in place of it's internal antenna.

Do coaxial cables use the same kind of analog signal as the analog singles that come through the air? If they do I could definitly rig something up. This TV even has an “antenna ext.”, antenna extension I presume. It’s the same kind of antenna plug that CBs have, I could certainly make an adapter for it. As far as safety I know my way around them; I’ve taken apart a few non-working computer monitors and TVs to get out the copper wire.

Coax is just a cable, but it is designed for RF, so you should be able to hook it up. However you said it has an "antenna ext" (antenna external) that there should be your coax in! If you want to be sure, take a picture for us, and I'll help you out.

hey can you hook up a stereo to a tv that only has the coax connection on it? if so please tell?

I think so, but if your TV only has a coaxial in it probably only has one speaker.


9 years ago

You'll need an RF modulator. Many of those 80's computers (Commodores, etc.) used external modulators for TV use.

You can still find 'em for sale. I bought a brand-new new one at a discount store for about $6 USD a year or so ago. RadioShack sells one, but they want nearly $30...

I’ve got some external ones, and internal ones. Any idea on how to attach it?