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Attention all gamers! Attention all gamers! Answered

My name is John currently I am looking to make full immersed video games the reason I am telling you this is because I need all of your help. If you have ideas about some video games that you want to see made contact me. If you have experience and want to help the dreams and ideas of others become realities contact me. Any and all who love video games and want to see your games be produced join me.

Contact me either by email: nickldrmlk@gmail.com
or by comment on here 

Your help and ideas are important to you which is why I ask you to join and help each other together our dreams and ideas will become real.


For your own security, it's not a good idea to post your phone number and email in plain text like this.

You should edit out your personal details, and ask people to comment on the topic, or to contact you by PM.

Anything happening here??

what if you play as a blob and suddenly this color eating monster raids your town, and eats all of the color off of everything! you want to do something so you go to a wiser person in your town and find out you can use a magic rainbow shooting (whatever you'd like. Perhaps a wand or blaster.) and you find it(you can choose how you find it) you travel across the blob world to restore color to everything and destroy the monster. Sound OK?

Wow. Just looked back at this comment. It's a terrible idea.

Hunger Games would make a really good game, and there are no decent Hunger Games games out there. I have many ideas and I could share them with you if interested.