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Attiny schematics Answered

Recently I've been wondering if I could actually build a cpu, I knew about the attiny and thought that I might try to build it without any chips. (Ambitious I know) I'm pretty experienced at soldering and coding and have been doing both for 17 years so I reckon I can manage it. Does anyone happen to know the whereabouts of any schematics for the attiny 25/45/85? If you do please tell me, it would be a great help.


Check the Wiki here:


Just curious so I took a couple of minutes. One engineer estimated the AVR 8 bit processors have around 10,000 transistors. Never found a statement from Atmel.

One of the micro processor engineers stated something like "we don't start with 500,000 transistors and then figure out how to wire them together."

I know it's been a while for this thread, but this Wiki's a good reference.

Good luck... :-)

Draw a schematic of it first and then see whether you would like to tackle the job. ATmel should be of some help?

thank you, after reading that I have reconsidered, do you have any sources on building a simple arduino compatible micro controller with discrete logic gates?