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Looking for some help with an audio issue in a museum kiosk. I have a small 10 watt stereo amplifier running a single 8 ohm speaker. My audio source file is in mono and need to keep the single speaker. Using shielded stereo audio cables. There is a faint amount of static coming from the speaker. Is there a way to reduce this noise/static?


By the way my amp is powered by 12v 3amps.

The static can mean two things, either that the speaker is power hungry ( which you can find out by increasing to full volume when playing music, if the static only is audible when its at full or near full), if not that then it must be ground noise.

For the first problem if you're up for it can try to add a decent sized capacitor

700uf - 900uf but not more than that as capacitors rated 1 farads and higher are only around 2.5v. The capacitor will go between the positive of the speaker and the output+ of the amplifier. REMEMBER THE +OF CAP TO THE + OF AMP

AND THE -OF CAP TO THE +OF SPEAKER. For the second problem you really can't do much besides changing your speaker. You will recognize if its ground noise if you hear it even when no content is playing. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask if you have more questions. Good luck

robo10302, thanks for the info. Was wondering if you could send me a part number or link to the proper capacitor? I'm not real savvy when it comes to capacitors. Thanks again for your input.


I suggest you move this question to Technology

If the source produces a clear signal you might have to invest in a proper amplifier.

What is the source, how long the cables, are the signals matched (input to the amp not too high) ?