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Audio Amp Help Answered

I bought a small audio amp, and i am trying to make a high quality boom box type device, for my mp3 player, however i am not sure if i should use a speaker that is a higher wattage than the amp is rated for, or lower.  The amp provides 15 watts per channel, for two channels, so 30 watts between the two channels.  I have a few extra 100 watt sattelite speakers, could i use them?



Best Answer 8 years ago

THe speaker should always be rated higher than the amp.  Otherwise you risk burning out your speaker then you have to start over.

ok, i was worried because i read somewhere that if you use a to high wattage speaker it can blow out the amp, as it will allow the amp to provide more wattage than it is meant to supply, because their isn't enogh resistance.

The amp is looking for a certain impedence on the output.  2,4,8 or 16 ohms.  Your speakers should match the amp.  The impedance has nothing to do with the power rating.  Usually the rating is 4 or 8 ohms.  The speakers should be marked as to what they are.  You can't use an ohm meter to get the impedance since it's not really a resistance.

Here's a good article about speakers.  Read it over and try to understand the main part.  Don't worry if you don't understand all of it.