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Audio Jack Signal Output for Arduino Nano? Answered

So I am kind of new at this. 

I am going to be making a LED lamp that has a sound detector module on it to control the LED's. (This one to be exact https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oRir4dck_w )

However i wanted to see if i could make a modification. If instead of having a sound sensor, could i just hook an audio jack to the arduino and to a speaker that would be installed to the lamp. The only problem is that im pretty new to coding. I would have no clue on how to interpret that signal going to the arduino.

Please help, it would be much appreciated



1 year ago

Do you mean "input" and "microphone" rather than "output" and "speaker" maybe ?

A sound sensor like the one he used is 1 dollar in any electronic store, why not go for it ?


Answer 1 year ago

because i was looking for a more direct input, something to give me a bit cleaner readings, and i wanted to install a speaker onto the actual lamp in order to have a speaker/lamp in one combo