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Audio input switch Answered

I need this simple device, because i have two audio interfaces (one for guitar recording and one for vocal recording) and when i change audio interface i need to disconnect output cable, of first interface, from my monitors and then connect output cable from second interface to my monitors. So with this I can choose between two different stereo audio inputs and send one of them to output. I am using TRS connectors, but i will also need XLR version of this. Check out this picture:


Do you think it is possible to do it the other way round so you have 1 input and 2 outputd but dtill be able to switch between then. Thanks

I am working a project now that sort of does the same thing. But I am doing the switching electronically. A simple microcontroller with the audio switching chips could do the job probably easily.

Then go to your local radio shack or best buy (assuming your in the US) and get an audio switcher. Should be able to find one online as well.