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Audio playing on page load due to ads???? Answered

So I just opened a few instructables from the latest email newsletter, which is always fun.  I have about 8 tabs open.  And then... some random audio ad starts playing at full volume.

Something about oxygen network.  Of course I have no idea which instructable page is playing the ad, so I can 1) wait it out while the audio ad plays, or 2) close tabs one by one to see which is the offending page.

Why in the world would instructables.com allow audio ads on their website?  I understand if they require user interaction (explicitly clicking to start audio).  But instant audio as soon as the page loads is an awful web faux pas.  If this were more common place, I'd either block all instructable ads (which would be detrimental to the site, I'm guessing), or just stop visiting (which would be detrimental to me :(  )

I really hope this is just a mistake and gets fixed.


It isn't just Insructables. This crap (yes, that's the right word) shows up on many sites. And it is extremely annoying. On my own machine, I just leave the speaker permanently muted, unless I have a specific need for it (like a video confernece). The auto-start videos are even more annoying, as they chew up much more bandwidth than just audio.

The ads are not directly produced, or even displayed, by Instructables. Rather they contract with "ad servers" (like Google, Doubleclick, etc.) and have little HTML fragments on the pages which trigger redirection to load ads from those third parties.

Instructables is generally much more responsive to issues like this than other sites. If you don't see a response from Eric or one of the Staff here, send a PM with as much detail you can -- where are you located, which page were you looking at, if you do stop-reload cycles, does the same ad come up every time, and if not, how frequently. If you can figure out what the ad is about (you mentioned the Oxygen cable network) that can be very useful.

Yeah, I figured the ads were generally provided by third party. I use google ads on one of my own pages. I also hate auto-play videos, esp. since I usually have a ton of tabs open. But the auto-play audio ads are the worst, and especially since I often cannot figure out which tab is playing audio without closing them one by one. I'll post up again if I find it again. It only happened for one of the instructables from a newsletter, and only randomly.

Yeah, that's a real pain :-( Since you use Google Ads, you know about that randomness.

I don't know how much archival logging data I'bles has access to from their ad services. If you happen to remeber which I'ble it was, and when (I know on August 5, but the "Published" info doesn't have a time stamp), it might be that Staff could use that information to narrow down the offender.