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Audio swtich does it need resistors or anything? Answered



What kind of switch, what you you feeding into it, what is it feeding into, and how much do you care if there's a painfully loud clicking noise when switching it from one state to the other?

i need ideas as to what switch would be best. i have a laptop and a desktop and one set of speakers i want to use with both computers, but switch between. an annoying clicking noise would be well annoying but it could be fine if i just turn off the speakers for the brief moment... easier than redoing the cable...

For that purpose, all you need is a simple DPDT switch. Connect all three grounds together; connect the left and right outputs to the speaker to the common terminals, connect each signal source to one of the other pairs of contacts. It's preferable to use a "break before make" switch, to avoid any risk of ever connecting the two outputs "back to back", which they might be Very Unhappy with. As long as everything is either running off batteries or plugged into the same circuit, you shouldn't have any problems with ground loops. If you want something "off the shelf", as I did, Radio Shack and others sell nicely boxed switches intended for the purpose; I use a three-input "stereo audio source selector" (functionally a DPTT, though it's built as a three-pushbutton selector) to pick from several inputs to my PC's line input jack; something like that would do the job for you quite nicely though you might need adapters or adapter cables to make the connectors match up. (Note that although they call it a "source selector", since it's just a switch it can be used either to pick one of three inputs or to sent an output to one of three places.)

awesome thanks. i will check their prices. might be cheaper to make it... dunno.

Oh alright , "Yes" then. Probably 1K. Now, what was the question.