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Audis? Answered

Thursday we passed 3 truckloads of new Audis with German plates traveling north on the M6 west of Manchester.
Can anyone explain this?
One model per truck ~6-7 cars
German plates
Northbound on the M6
Our best guess was they'd been shipped over for the benefit of motoring journalists to test drive, but you'd expect them to land on the east coast (unless they were touring?)




Yesterday I learned that these things are imported via Tilbury / feloxtowe and shipped up to Carlisle to be re-registered in the UK.
That's the best answer so far.


 well they do do most of the non american car testing in england (besides japan and korea which do their own) and americans fly out there to test and write about them

 is it pronounced like OUties or AWties

Any idea where they were going?


and not really, i dont know where manchester is.

Yes, they arrived at my mansion on Friday. A pity, I would have tipped the drivers an extra ten grand if they'd arrived at my requested time.
Couldn't resist, mate.

Where is that then (M6 northbound)? Give me a credible location and I'll give you a "best answer".