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Aurora 9 bar Kit & Custom PCB for Sell Answered

Aurora 9 bar Kit and PCB are now available for sell.

******* Prices are reduced *******

Aurora 9 bar custom PCB price is $7.50 + $2 shipping for US address.

The kit is also available at $25 + $5 shipping for US address. All parts except Molex connectors and power supply are included.

Kit Contents (as pictured)
  • 16x 120 Ohm (0603)
  • 21x 1k Ohm (0603)
  • 1x 10k Ohm (0603)
  • 2x 1uF (0603)
  • 1x 10uF (1206)
  • 1x AP7333-33 or AP7313-33 (3.3V linear voltage regulator)
  • 3x MMBT2907A or equivalent PNP transistor
  • 12x MMBT2222A or equivalent NPN transistor
  • 1x PIC24F08KA101 (SSOP)
  • 10x 5mm Tricolor LED (common-cathode)
  • 1x 5-way Tactile Switch

  • The PIC microcontroller is not pre-programmed. You need your own programmer to program the PIC microcontroller.
  • The kit is also available with water clear LEDs instead of diffused type shown. Please specify if you want water clear LEDs (Special: $1 less for the water clear LEDs).
  • The kit comes with one extra LED.
  • Power connection cable (see the picture) - optional is available at $2 extra.

(International shipping is $17)

To place an order, please go to my blog page - http://www.theledart.com/blog/archives/233. You will find purchase buttons.

Please view my Instructable for the detailed information on Aurora 9 bar.

Contact me if you have any questions.


Please note the reduced pricing.

These kits are in stock. Great for the holiday decoration!



7 years ago

Do you still have another one of these units for sale? I'd like to purchase one, let me know. Thanks!

Yes. I still have them.
Let me know if you have any other questions!


You said you can solder this by hand? What wattage of soldering gun and how small of a tip do you need?

I am interested in purchasing one though, what is the total cost? And should I send the funds to aki@theledart.com as you stated below?

I recommend a temperature controlled soldering station, like this one. The tip should be fine on that one, although you can get a thinner one as an option.

Thin solder wire is very helpful, and don't forget the solder wick. Also flux is very important. Oh, and a pair of tweezers of course.

With those tools and a bit of practice, you should be able to hand solder Aurora 9 bar. IMHO soldering the LEDs is actually more tricky than SMDs! Again don't forget flux.

Go to YouTube and search "SMD soldering" and watch a few videos. There are some great ones to show the technique. (This is how I learn to solder SMD.)

Pricing is what's written above. Just go to PayPal.com and send the payment to aki@theledart.com.


Do I just go to paypal and send you a payment to order this, then? As soon as you answer I will order the aurora bar, thanks.

Yes. Please send the payment to aki@theledart.com, and I will ship the kit.


I would like to order one of these as well to practice my SMT skills. Is one still available?


7 years ago

Do you still have 5 kits available to ship internationally

Yes I do have 5 available.

Thank you,

How much would the kit be including shipping to the uk?

International shipping is $13.50 and the kit is $29 each. Up to 5 kits can shipped within that shipping cost.



I am interestedto buy one of these PCB's. I am also interested on Aurora9x18 PCB. I am from Romania so please let me know the price for international shiping.
Thank you.

Actually, the shipping to Romania would be $13.50, so the total is $23.
Sorry, Aurora 9x18 PCB is not available.