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Austin Maker Faire Caption Contest Answered

In looking back at Eric's Austin Maker Faire images, we have found one that has left us speechless. Perhaps you can find the words the describe it!

Post your caption as a comment below. There is a limit to 3 entries per person. The winner will be announced the end of the day on Wednesday.

The prize will be a copy of Sew Subversive.

A panel of elite judges have reviewed all the entries... and the winner:

"Note to self: never make another bet with Eric." -- Adrian monk


wudyah know... it's right at the top... did the best of ibles ever arrive?

I'm afraid of annoying him. I do not want to annoy he with the instructables book...I'll give him another week.

whats the worst that could happen? maybe he would think its lost in the mail and send you a second one, then you would have 2!

"it's right at the top"
showing of your smartness to the ladies huh?

.... eating lucky charms for breakfast doesn't help sorry

I just realized, elsewhere you said you get a decent amount of PMs which makes you the AM with the PM's ;-)

Too much time on her hands... Congrats to the start of every day.

Congratulations - we expect to see a slideshow of things you've made, though. You've got until Thanksgiving...

Eric: "Rocket, you are up next!" Bilal: "Run for it man!"


interns make my back go round... intern: YOU LOST MY PET FROG?!!? what i will do for help these days...

Hold still, I think I've got the mouse mouse cornered!

Funneh!! (Note the 2 exclamation marks)

But Eric no be tired, me still want play horsey!

'After many hours of wrestling they still couldn't get the invisible toad monster off eric's back'

eric - 'hmm, im not sure this is going to help you with the vibration white finger'

Aaaahh, it feels good to be the boss... Gee Christy, your hands could sure use some lotion... When you started interning at Instructables, I said you could follow me around...but not like this!

Aw, I missed this!

Tickets to Maker Faire: $30.00 Massage me Jacket: $60.00 Making use of the interns: Priceless

Note: Erics power cord has been plugged in.

What a great time, for Eric to have run out of batteries again.
"Now for the start-up command. One potato, two potato, three potato, four."

"If i'd known I was going to be doing this all day, I would have worn shorts."