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Australian "Throw Out Week" FREE Electronics a plenty!! Some suggestions please. Answered

Here in Sydney Australia we are having our 6 monthly "throw out week". This is a kerbside pickup of hard rubbish. They often include electronics and the like. Tonight I plan on going out to "collect" some useful items. Just picked this little item up on a walk home, in case with a new set of batteries inside. Last clean up I found a brand new digital camera working in box with all accessories... Can anyone think of something to make with it? I plan on posting more objects tonight.



Solar cell to charge it during the day, motion sensor triggers it at night - flash, bad man thinks his photo has been taken, leaves PDQ.

In theory.

Well they would most certainly get, a decent surprise!!

I was thinking the same thing, but then, if you have the camera, why not instead of just scaring the burgler actually taking his picture? It could be wired up so they are not in the same area, (although the direction should be about the same) so he can't find the camera from the flash.

FLASH CAPS HURT! i'm NOT suggesting anything