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Auto-Renewed and don't want Answered

Hi there,

I just got notification through paypal that my subscription was automatically renewed for a year.  I initially joined as research for a project and that project is now over - I don't need or want another year's subscription.  How can I get my money back?  How can I talk to a person?



If your account has auto-renewed and you do not want this, please contact me privately by clicking here. All requests will be responded to promptly Monday through Friday during normal California business hours.

Thank you.

Yes, I'm in the same boat and I cannot find anytwhere on my "YOU" page that lists my payment options. This is REALLY annoying!

Your payment options should be detailed on your PayPal account.

Contact one of the admins via PM to talk about your account.


Where in my PayPal account can I change from "automatically" to "ask first" (or whatever it's named) ?

This is not currently an option. It cannot only be set to renew or not to renew.

There is a list a mile long of people to choose from...who do we speak to? Is there someone that is best to deal with this? Thank you!

I'm in the same situation as well....where do we go to if we want our membership cancelled? They should send me a notification before they renew it...

.  PM someone on the About page. Randy Sarafan's title sounds like he would be a good place to start.

I do not appreciate the auto renewal thing. As a teacher, I used it last year for a project for the classroom. As far as I know I never chose to exercise the auto option. I canceled my subscription, but apparently they still say that my renewal for another year is paid. I want my money back, and do not care to do business in this manner. Doug

This must be something that just started - my account was also auto debited today.

I did try to PM Randy - but have not received a response. I did not set anything to allow an auto debit to my account and all of my welcome messages say nothing about this also. I have already filed a complaint with PayPal and my Bank.


7 years ago

Ditto. I'm leaving. This is unprofessional. If it becomes an "issue" I will take it up with both PayPal, the Oregon State Attorney General's office, the FTC, and blog it everywhere ... how's that for "nice"?

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Are you joking? You post two comments about wanting out within two hours of each other. Did you even read the rest of the comments? What about Kitemans comment below that says to click on the about page at the bottom and talk to Randy? Geez...


7 years ago

Same here, I want out

Yeah, I went through my Paypal account and cancelled my automatic renewal for Instructables. For some reason I thought I'd be paying something like $5 a year. $23 is kinda high. I'm not cancelled for this year, but for the next time I am. Grrrr... they should really email you a notice first.