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Auto egg turner motor. What motor do I need for my incubator? Answered

I built an incubator from a redundant wine cooler but the motor wasn't up to the job. I had underestimated the total load and stripped the gears in the gearbox. Can someone tell me in very basic terms what I need to change and where to look for them? Also, the top connection needs to be a ball and socket type affair (not very smooth at the moment). Where do you buy components like that?
Thanks. Paul




6 years ago

I have experienced this type of thing and ya have to be patient, creative and willing to envision.

For one I have tried the rotisserie motors ya find in outdoor grills they are 110 vac
Next, I used a motor out of a station wagon rear window. They are 12vdc and have lots of power

What ya need to do is get a motor that ya think is close then get a matching potentiometer or a fan speed controller that matches. I have used a fan speed controller and then I used a car dimmer switch. This is used in many application and you will succeed, as you are willing to experiment

Perry The pom

9 years ago

 If you go to www.bellsouth.com.au which is a poultry supply store you can purchase motors from them.

Jack A Lopez

9 years ago

I looked over the pictures of your egg incubator.  I am guessing those trays are to be rocked back and forth, via the crank, driven by a big wheel mounted to the back-inside of the incubator.

Also guessing that you want something with low speed and high torque to drive the big wheel. 

To me this question looks similar to this one, for a rotisserie hog turner:

The discussion on that page has numerous suggestions for different kinds of motors, gearing, etc.

BTW, approximately how fast (in revolutions per minute) do you want those trays to oscillate?