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Automated Garage Door light? Answered

I would like to install a light when my garage door is opening (it's an automated door). This light would be useful for me to actually see how to reverse my car in the garage. Does anybody know what components I should use? I would like to have the light trigger when the garage motor switches on and then keep on running for some minutes after it finishes. I have some knowledge in electronics and electricity. Also what would be cool is if the light only switches on when it's dark.?


How about a limit switch and a relay. When the garage door opens the light comes on. When it closes, the light goes off. If you wire the limit switch in parallel with your normal light switch you can still turn the light on when the garage door is closed. Be sure to buy a limit switch that is rated for the job, or use a lower rated limit switch to activate a relay.

I would just wire a motion sensor light inside the garage. That way it comes on when its dark if you walk into the garage or are trying to back into the garage. Just position the sensor in the most logical place to give you the best result. Most models can be set to a specific length of time that the light stays on (usually from 30 seconds to 5 minutes). Its also relatively cheap and doesn't require much skill to install.

Doesn't your garage door opener already have a built in light?