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Automatic LED light for cordless drill? Answered

As far as I know, DeWalt has not incorporated lights into their cordless drills as some other manufacturers have.  Could someone make an LED light which would come on when the magnetic field produced by the drill motor is sensed?  Perhaps a sensor taped to the drill body, and a small LED light pointing forward, or a ring of light around the drill chuck?


I think they acually have made one.
It's designed for when you have to drill something in a dark spot.

what is the LED supposed to indicate?


This is probably the LED light that illuminates the work area at the point of the drill/driver. Although you need it on to aim and place where the drill point needs to be started or to see where to put the screwdriver in the screwhead. Most new drill/drivers will have it light when the trigger is depressed slightly unless the user wants a non-invasive procedure to plant on a light. Crazy glue a button-cell torchlight with switch would be an easy fix.

OK, I'm not used to working with power-tools in the dark.


They're surprisingly useful for (recent example) putting screws in the back of a cupboard in a dimly-lit garage.

(Unusual aside - I recently saw a pair of scissors with a laser guide-line attached.)

My jigsaw has a laser line guide on it. I need to disable it since the laser line is so bright that in a poorly lit workspace, it makes it hard to see the pencil line under the sawdust while trying to avoid the glare from the red laser line.

Now, I can see the point of a laser on a jigsaw (I have one myself, not so bright though). But scissors?

Those are a cut above the rest!

Did you take a wild swing at that one, seems like you just sliced through it.