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Automatic machine for ataching cork to a plastic top Answered


Does anyone know what kind of machines and adhesives are used to attach a cork to a plastic cap/top?



I'm not sure what kind of "plastic cap" you're referring to. Most of the bottlecaps I've seen in the past decade use plastic-coated cardboard rather than a cork, and just press-fit it into the cap.

If an adhesive is used, I would suspect industry uses a simple thermoset polymer ("hot glue"), since that's probably the easiest thing for machines to work with -- dispense a drop hot, slap the liner in, and by the time you're ready to use the cap it'll have cooled and solidified.

This sounds like an industrial-process question, is it?


What is the exact use of the machine? 

without enough details, the answer is "the machine applies glue to the piece of cork, and attaches that to a piece of plastic".