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Automatic starter for generator Answered

I would like to build an automatic starter for my generator for my travel trailer. I would like for it to start automatically when the temperature reaches a preset level and then, shutdown when the temperature lowers to a preset level. The Air conditioner would be on when the generator is on and also, the battery charger would be on to charge the batteries. The batteries would power an inverter so AC would be available when the generator wasn't running.


Do you have to hold the starter button, and release it, once the engine starts, or does it look after itself ?


The key must be released when it starts, just like a car. I wish it would look after itself. If it would do that, it would be easy to use a temperture controller to make it come on and off.

OK, so we need a way to know the engine is actually running. We could measure the exhaust gas temperature ?

I don't think using the exhaust temperature is feasible. On a cold start, the starter may stay engaged too long. How do the ones that are in use work?

I suppose you can pulse the starter, then check the output Revs of the motor.

Has the engine got electric start ?