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Avatar - I needz one. Answered

I'm a bit undecided as to the avatar to go with this new name. Sandy was a bit too...cartoony somehow, and as you can see I'm desperate. T-shirts based on the second amendment are funny, but not funny enough to make a permanent avatar. Laird Howe made a lovely one, but it's spring and change is good. Lemonie was so kind as to crop sandy, but she's not quite right... I need help! Make me an avatar? Link me to one? I'm stuck. What will my face on here be? The people decide! Unless there's little interest on the topic (likelihood: likely). Then I decide, arbitrarily and all willy nilly. Can't have that.


As you can see, my avatar takes on a singular form, which varies, giving me an identity, but also creativity. Infact, im gonna go renew it again.

Well, i hope that my avatar gives me a uniform presence on the web.

It sure does.The new mac one looks especially nice.

These are quite interesting - I wanted to follow up and ask where did you get them?

Both from my collection of over 300 desktop backgrounds. Originating mostly from customize.org, interface lift, and pixel girl presents.

I did this, but I'm not really happy with it.. L


:-D thank you! I like it! I will put that on right now - it's my current fav!

Eeeek, the evil!!! Burn the sponge! Burn the sponge! Burn the sponge! Burn the sponge!

first get him drunk,he will absorb the alcohol making your job easier,on second thought: *LCFD firetruck rolls in* *Triad gets truck* *Me makes truck composed of lead in the form of bullets*

I'm saving a copy of that, marvelous! (my post was in first though)


(But technically this entry for the robot art contest came first...GMTA I guess (to quote Nacho). )

Ah, I must have missed that. I call "technicality" as the above is great art but not avatar format? L

. I vote for L's SB-Robot. . gmjhowe's smileys comes in second. . And my usual fav artist, c'dad, come is third. SBRP just looks creepy.

I think you need a picture of Nicolas Cage. But then I might stalk you... your call!

(But then people will think I'm a guy...


Why not go with something linked to your username? Maybe a silver-metal raindrop hitting a pool of water, and bursting into flame at the point where the drop breaks the water's surface?

Hahaha. Goodness, did that ever cause confusion. I'd love that! (Got a picture of that? :D ) I think I'll get to work trying to dummy it up in gimp.

The picture is only in my head, and I don't have good drawing skills (sorry, skillz).

Gimp is probably your best bet.

>Reaches into head, pulls picture out< This should do nicely! Something like this? It's rough, but kindof what I think you're saying...


Yeh, although I was thinking more flames and an actual droplet-shape in the middle of the splash.

Hmmm, that's an old one. Maybe it's one of those strange but true paintings of the future.

Ohhh, that's right, I remember it now. D: Prophetic parodies! What...what else do your cartoons know??

Haha, that's a situation that could give me nightmares!

I'ma try that!!!!! But it;ll take some time, I am swamped with school work!

Found on teh internetz.


I was messing around on the GIMP and made this haha. I dunno of you'd want to use it as an avatar but I think the edges of everything looks cool :D


That's really pretty! I think I will use that at some point! (I've gotten to where I change avatars like clothes :D )

I call unfair sterotyping! I hate clothes shopping. To me, clothes should keep me modest and at the proper temperature and be somewhat in keeping with this century's fashion - anything more is just a waste. :D

Glad to hear I'm not the only one.

I like clothes shopping. Only when I'm alone though. :D